Staying alive for ever. Being dead long ago. Dying. Being born.

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Can we stay young forever, or even recapture lost youth?

Research from the laboratory of Professor Julian Chen in the School of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State University recently uncovered a crucial step in the telomerase enzyme catalytic cycle. This catalytic cycle determines the ability of the human telomerase enzyme to synthesize DNA “repeats” (specific DNA segments of six nucleotides) onto chromosome ends, and so afford immortality in cells. Understanding the underlying mechanism of telomerase action offers new avenues toward effective anti-aging therapeutics. illustration depicting the enzyme telomerase This figure depicts the enzyme telomerase as well as telomeres relative to a chromosome. (1)

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We so much long for immortality. We try to make our cells and our bodies last forever. Because no matter how old we are, we still feel young. We like life even though our bodies die. Because we are not our bodies. We believe in existence even though our cells will never experience it. Because we are more than our cells.

Meaningful creatures.

Trapped in meaningless states.

You cried at birth.

Now all you need to do is laugh at your death…

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