Building theories. Seeing what we want to see. Existing.

Photo by Edgard Costa from Pexels

Scientists have created, for the first time a three-dimensional skyrmion in a quantum gas. The skyrmion was predicted theoretically over 40 years ago, but only now has it been observed experimentally. (1)

We always “see” things we have theories about first. Even if we happen to see something totally unexpected, we always create theories to fit what we’ve seen inside those little boxes we build inside our little heads.

We like to tear reality apart and make it comprehensible. And if it is not, we change it so that it is. We create what we believe. We love understanding. We love controlling. Us. Nature. The cosmos itself.

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But we do not know the answer to the most important question of them all…

Why are we alive? Why does the cosmos exist?

Alone and perplexed. In a dark and incomprehensible cosmos.

There is no theory for that. Life and existence itself is raw.

Embrace it. Accept it.

In theory, Achilles will never reach the turtle.

In practice, he will just step on it. And keep running.

You are here. The turtle is there.

You don’t know why.

But the impulse inside you is rising…

You just can’t stand still.

You have an urge to… run!

Poor Achilles…

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