Brain waves. A calm lake…

Our brains hum with electrical activity. Brain waves created by the coordinated firing of huge collections of nerve cells pinball around the brain. The waves can ricochet from the front of the brain to the back, or from deep structures all the way to the scalp and then back again.

Called neuronal oscillations, these signals are known to accompany certain mental states. Quiet alpha waves ripple soothingly across the brains of meditating monks. Beta waves rise and fall during intense conversational turns. Fast gamma waves accompany sharp insights. Sluggish delta rhythms lull deep sleepers, while dreamers shift into slightly quicker theta rhythms.

Researchers have long argued over whether these waves have purpose. MIT’s Earl Miller is among the neuro­scientists amassing evidence that waves are an essential part of how the brain operates. Brain oscillations deftly route information in a way that allows the brain to choose which signals in the world to pay attention to and which to ignore, his recent studies suggest. Other research supports this view, too. Studies on people with electrodes implanted in their brains suggest brain waves, and their interactions, help enable emotion, language, vision and more. When these waves are abnormal, brainpower suffers, studies find. (1)

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Surely the waves in the brain seem important. But these waves are not the only waves in the ocean of existence. There are waves everywhere. And they are all interconnected. How could they not be anyway?

We are all part of the same rough ocean…

An ocean roaring with rage in the dark night.

Throw a water drop in it. And you will see it disappear under the waves. But sometimes, just sometimes, something magical happens. And on a calm night, you can hear yourself whispering. It is then, only then, that you can feel ocean’s best hidden secret.

Sitting by the sea. No waves.

Silencing your brain. Feeling the rain.

Listening to the smallest drop falling into the water…

It is an important drop. Creating an ocean…

And out of a sudden, you are no longer afraid of the abyss…

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