Hallucinations… Living… Senses as deprivation of your nature…

One hundred billion or so neurons are also incredibly fragile.

If the tiniest thing goes wrong with a particular connection – maybe something misfires, or a certain neural pathway is blocked – things can fall apart very quickly. And, oddly enough, even without any injuries or structural malfunctions, the human brain can get weird all by itself – turns out, it’s surprisingly easy to trick it into seeing and hearing things that aren’t actually there.

And no, it does not involve a bunch of drugs to make yourself hallucinate. The brain can do all that on its own, you just have to know how to manipulate it right. As the guys in a Scam School video from 2016 demonstrate, if you create a situation of intense sensory deprivation using some common household objects, you can induce some really strong hallucinations that mess with both your sense of sight and sound. After 20 minutes, the Scam School guys reported seeing “blooms of colour”, like when you rub your eyelids, that would soon form shapes like dinosaur silhouettes, jellyfish, and the Eye of Sauron. One heard screams, and the other heard laughter.

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What they’re doing actually follows the principles of an actual scientific phenomenon known as the Ganzfeld effect. The Ganzfeld effect describes how when you are exposed to “an unstructured, uniform stimulation field” – such as seeing blackness and hearing constant television static – your brain responds by amplifying neural noise in an effort to find missing visual signals. (1)

You see nothing. You touch nothing.

And yet you want to feel something.

But in a dark cosmos full of existence, there is no need to sense anything. In a world of One, there is no need to feel or touch; you are already part of the totality of being. And yet all humans do touch. And yet, all humans hear, see and smell. Because they do not just want to live. They do not just want to be. They want to die. Afraid of their own existence. Discarding their own nature.

In this world of nothingness,

there is a need to sense everything.

Dead people in an alive cosmos.

Wanting to get out…

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