Killing the child God within us… Modern mental problems…

All children have moments of moodiness, but family medicine doctors and pediatricians may doubt their abilities to tell the difference between normal irritability and possibly bigger issues, according to Penn State researchers.

When the researchers interviewed a group of health care providers, they found that the primary care providers and pediatricians were less confident than the child and adolescent psychiatrists in their ability to tell whether irritability in young patients was normal or could be linked to a deeper mental health issues.

They also found that primary care providers and pediatricians were more likely to prescribe medications when they thought there was a problem, while psychiatrists were more likely to start with behavioral therapy. (1)

We have lost our connection with our self.

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We have lost our memory of our child self.

Lost in the aeons of history, through the mist of oblivion. A kid is lost. In the dark caves, through the rough seas, his voice still echoes. We denied its existence. And now we pay the price. We ridiculed myths. Turned them into fairy tales. Annihilated them into scientific explanations. The umbilical cord is cut. And now the myths are claiming their toll on our souls.

We used to accept our nature.

Now we have identity issues.

We used to have visions.

Now we have mental problems.

Look at the lion kid. Listen to it roar.

Accept its nature. Run for your life!

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