ScienceAlert, censorship, climate hysteria, scientific “consensus”…

Today the science news web site ScienceAlert issued an impressive announcement in its Facebook page: It urged its followers not to engage with “climate deniers” which it called “trolls”. Instead, it told them to report those “trolls” so that they will be banned from the page if they utter any argument against climate change! (1)

So there you are.

A scientific matter is now part of censorship.

When was the last time something like that happened?

Even Enlightenment proponents, called for the tolerance to different opinion!

But today’s era if far from enlightened. Today we live in the era of scientism, shallowness and the triumph of ignorant majorities. Majorities which could never find the right answer to any of the great philosophical or scientific problems, but which now feel obliged to support a specific opinion because… science! and because… facts!

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So scientific that it needs 16-year-olds to defend it.

So factual that it needs censorship to be imposed.


When was the last time someone used such techniques to argue that 1+1 = 2?

Welcome to the era of Enlightenment!

So… enlightened that we will tag you and we will block you if you disagree! Yes, this is a progressed world! And if you believe otherwise, we will shut you up! Because we enjoy our echo chamber! It is delightful!







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