There are some new awesome tiles! (On the shallowness of modern era)

I was sitting today with friends for a coffee.

Under the beautiful Greek sun, the discussion at some point turned towards the soul of man, the debate whether humans are animals, Darwin, the theory of evolution et cetera. We were discussing these very interesting topics for some minutes only when…

New friends came over.

They introduced themselves, the sat, ordered and then started talking for… tiles! Without being at all interested in what the others might be talking about before they came, they started advertising to us some new tiles their company was bringing to Greece from Italy for bathrooms, how fascinating that was, how beautiful the tiles were, how inexpensive…

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And so simply, the quest for man’s soul was buried under those beautiful fascinating tiles… It would be really funny if it wasn’t so tragic…


And did I mention that they look like marble?!?

Yes, Harmonia Philosophica will die at some point. I will die. You, my dear reader will soon be no more. And yet, those tiles will still be here!

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