Application before the theory… Living without knowing…

A new discovery explains what happens during the phase transition in Dirac materials, paving the way for engineering advanced electronics that perform significantly faster. (1)

The dogma that theory should precede practical applications is a very persistent one. We are all affected by it. But remember: the biggest practical applications of modern days science are related to fields of science not understood at all. Your greatest moments in life were merely understood when they happened. Life itself is not understood. Are you ready to give it up until you explain it?

Not knowing seems not only a state of mind reflecting our current state of understanding the cosmos, but a prerequisite of living itself.

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If we understood everything, if we knew it all, then we would seize from being part of the cosmos. And the cosmos would have just become a dying part of us.

Look at that cup of coffee.

It is not an αντι-κείμενο*.

It is part of you.

Think about it.

Or rather not…

* Greek for ‘object’. Literally meaning ‘that which lies (κείται) opposite (αντί-) to you’. To be compared to ‘υποκείμενο’ (you, me, a human).

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