Phantom odours… Phantom axioms…

A study finds that one in 15 Americans (or 6.5 percent) over the age of 40 experiences phantom odors. The study is the first in the US to use nationally representative data to examine the prevalence of and risk factors for phantom odor perception. The study could inform future research aiming to unlock the mysteries of phantom odors. (1)

Subjectivity. The essence of senses.

And no matter how evidence amass against their objectivity, we always judge the senses of others as wrong, based on our perception of our senses being correct. It is so amazing that words are no longer adequate to describe it.

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Based on sand we build castles.

And when we see the castle built by the one next to us we cheer.

Let us be kids again.

Building castles on sand.

Only to laugh watching them be destroyed by the sea…

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