Understanding… nothing?

Scientists using machine learning – a type of artificial intelligence – with data from hundreds of children who struggle at school, identified clusters of learning difficulties which did not match the previous diagnosis the children had been given. The researchers from the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge say this reinforces the need for children to receive detailed assessments of their cognitive skills to identify the best type of support. (1)

When we try to understand something, we should always keep in mind the most important principle governing this futile process: that only the similar can understand the similar. There is nothing to see. Except a mirror.

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Only humans can understand humans.

Only machines can understand machines.

Only a soulful being can truly grasp the meaning of the cosmos. Only a void human can ever give credit to what the void (an inanimate machine crunching meaningless data) has to say.

As Will Emerson said, most people do not stand on the edge of the balcony not because they might fall. But because they might jump…

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