Telling time…

In music, sports and other activities, we calculate movement in two different parts of the brain: One type of anticipatory timing relies on memories from past experiences. The other on rhythm. Both are critical to our ability to navigate and enjoy the world, and scientists have found they are handled in two different parts of the brain. (1)

But there is nothing in the past.

Everything is now.

Here, living with you.

Destroyed the very moment you stop thinking about them.

But there is no rhythm.

Everything is in and out of sync.

Within the soil, with the worms eating the earth.

Up in the stars, within the galaxies and through the cosmos.

The cosmos is dancing.

Only if you listen to the music.

You can see the past and the rhythm if you believe in time.

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But you will never see time if you see the past and feel the rhythm.

For it is then that you will realize that there is nothing which passes by, only things which are. A dancer does not expect the end of the music. He just moves in thin air with the expectation of eternity in his every step. A dreamer does not feel that those beautiful moments have passed. He just cries smiles with the firm belief of eternity in his every tear.

Look outside the window.

There is rain pouring down.

Why do you smile then?

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