Time. Universe. Timeless…

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According to a new interpretation of general relativity, the Big Bang wasn’t the start of ‘everything’. Based on a new model, some scientists showed that as we rewind time back to the beginning the universe does not diminish into a singularity, but at something the team call a Janus Point, named after the Roman god with two faces. The relative positions and scales of the stuff that makes up the Universe effectively flatten into a two-dimensional pancake as we rewind time. Passing through the Janus Point, that pancake turns 3D again, only back-to-front. (1)

A timeless world. Breeding time into the void of space.

An eternal universe. Breeding timelessness into the cosmos.

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At the end, what matters is not time’s existence or inexistence which matters.

You are not a timeless being, neither are you bound to the seconds passing.

Even the negation of something implies its existence.

Care not about anything outside you.

And you will discover that there is nothing there.

Except the things you bring with you.

You can never walk into the same river.

And yet, you can talk about that river.

At the end, what matter is not the river at all.

But the vast forest around it…

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