Free Blogging Advice (FBA) – Episode 5: Seek just one follower… Yourself!

Free Blogging Advice: Writing is hard. And easy. The goal of the Free Blogging Advice (FBA) series of short articles is to provide some free advice on… blogging! All you have to add is some time and effort. And love. Lots of love.

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We all seek recognition. This is indeed one of our small human traits that it is difficult to get rid of. But we must get rid of it, if we are to grow as writers (and as humans).

The quest for recognition can lead the writer to end up writing for others, thus polluting his own original thoughts with the thoughts he/she believes others want to read. One never had followers, it is you that will be following your followers at the end…

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One should focus on the only thing that is important for a writer/ blogger: To write original content.

One follower should suffice: You!

Write from your heart and just ask yourself: would you be following… You? If the answer is yes, then seek nothing more. You already have the best recognition you will ever need.

And sure, recognition by others may also come afterwards. But as a side effect and only because others will see and feel that you are not writing what they need to listen, but because they will read things only you could ever tell them.

Let the writer rise from within.

Ignore your readers.

Or else they will kill the writer you could be.

And within the millions of followers you will never listen to the desperate agony of your dying self…

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