Phantom science…

A world-famous psychological experiment used to help explain the brain’s understanding of the body, as well as scores of clinical disorders, has been dismissed as not fit-for-purpose in a new academic paper from the University of Sussex.

The Rubber Hand Illusion, where synchronous brush strokes on a participant’s concealed hand and a visible fake hand can give the impression of illusory sensations of touch and of ownership of the fake hand, has been cited in thousands of articles. Yet, in a new research paper Dr Peter Lush, demonstrates that the control conditions typically used in the experiment do not do they job they need to do. (1)

Suggestion effect.


We are hypnotized by reality.

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And we fail to see.

That what we admire as real.

Is an illusion.

Sleepy people.

Believing in science.

Science which has a way to putting people to sleep.

And as Wittgenstein said, we need to wake up again.

To admire the wanders…

And realize that we are not the ones hypnotized.

But we are the ones who hypnotized the world!

The moon will rise now. And you will see clearer. That the most obscure question you ever had was so simple.

Is it night?

Or is it day?

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