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  • Coincidences. Noise. Systems. Predictions.

    Coincidences. Noise. Systems. Predictions.

    When we predict future climate, it is important to understand the climate of the past. We do. Mostly. Some details are still debatable. An example of that are the periodicities of ice ages – that is, how ice ages come and go. This is described in a theory developed by amongst others the astronomer Milankovitch […]

  • Chaos… Order…

    Chaos… Order…

    The birds form mobs to drive away predators near their nests, and are initially disordered. A new study, by biologists at the University of Exeter, physicists at Stanford University and computer scientists from Simon Fraser University in Canada, shows a dramatic switch to “ordered motion” once the group reaches a certain density. Chaotic mobs of […]

  • AI. Universe. Logos.

    AI. Universe. Logos.

    Researchers have successfully created a model of the Universe using artificial intelligence, reports a new study. Researchers seek to understand our Universe by making model predictions to match observations. Historically, they have been able to model simple or highly simplified physical systems, jokingly dubbed the “spherical cows,” with pencils and paper. Later, the arrival of […]

  • Chaos… Order… Chaos…

    Chaos… Order… Chaos…

    Can chaotic systems also synchronize with each other? Physicists from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, along with colleagues from Spain, India and Italy, analyzed the Rossler system and discovered new phenomena that have been overlooked until now. For the first time the researchers were able to measure the fine grain process that leads from disorder to […]

  • Demons. Computers. A world of chaos. Death by order.

    Physicists have employed a version of Maxwell’s demon to reduce entropy in a three-dimensional lattice of super-cooled, laser-trapped atoms – a process that could help speed progress toward creating quantum computers. (1) A cosmos full of chaos. We struggle into increasing order in the universe. At the end we will succeed. And the cosmos will […]