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  • Dead children…

    Dead children…

    An old playground. Not used anymore. But there was a time… When children played in this ground. These children are dead now. Have become adults. Yet whenever I come here… I can hear their laughter in the wind. (We are still here…) Oh, God. Why can’t I not die once more? To be a child […]

  • What is Death? (Attempt 4)

    What is Death? (Attempt 4)

    I sit in the café. Thinking about doing thing. Even when I do nothing. I always think of doing things. And the more things I do. The more I need to do as well. Oh, I am tired. Sitting down alone now. Waiting for everything to end. Doing nothing. Oh, now I understand what death […]

  • What is Death? (Attempt 3)

    What is Death? (Attempt 3)

    I woke up to-day. I woke up at one o’clock. I dreamt of opening a door. At one o’clock. And then I woke up. I was alive. But for one moment. I was dead. Amazed by one thing. Thinking only of one thing. Not being able to understand. Oh, how can I know life? How […]

  • What is Death? (Attempt 2)

    What is Death? (Attempt 2)

    I was swimming the other day. And when I submerged my head under the water… Right below the blistering sun. I felt it. I heard nothing. I sensed nothing. But me. And while I floated on the water. Everything was clear. Only nothingness exists. And we foolo our selves that things do exist. By interpreting […]

  • What is Death? (Attempt 1)

    What is Death? (Attempt 1)

    What is Death? An attempt to answer the unanswerable…