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  • Brain & Artificial neurons. Tears. Smiles.

    Brain & Artificial neurons. Tears. Smiles.

    Brain functions are made possible by circuits of spiking neurons, connected together by microscopic, but highly complex links called synapses. In this new study, published in the scientific journal Nature Scientific Reports, the scientists created a hybrid neural network where biological and artificial neurons in different parts of the world were able to communicate with […]

  • Emotion reading. Algorithms. Humans.

    Emotion reading. Algorithms. Humans.

    Emotion-reading algorithms cannot predict intentions via facial expressions. Though algorithms are increasingly being deployed in all facets of life, a new study has found that they fail basic tests as truth detectors. (1) How could they not fail? We cannot see it now, but algorithms will forever fail. For even when they succeed, they will […]

  • Learn to fear…

    Learn to fear…

    Computers can master some tasks—like playing a game of Go—through trial and error. But what works for a game doesn’t work for risky real-world tasks like driving a car, where “losing” might involve a high-speed collision. To drive safely, humans have an exquisite feedback system: our fight-or-flight response, in which physiological reactions like a rapid […]

  • Reading emotions… Listen to the silence…

    Reading emotions… Listen to the silence…

    Research shows for the first time that adults with autism can recognize complex emotions such as regret and relief in others as easily as those without the condition. Psychologists at the University of Kent used eye-tracking technology to monitor participants as they read stories in which a character made a decision then experienced a positive […]

  • Touching.


    Every year, museums bear the cost of repairing the damage caused to their artworks by visitors touching them. Why would people want to touch objects they can clearly see? What is it that touch provides that vision does not? Philosophers, starting with René Descartes, all noted that touch provided ‘a sense of reality’, and made […]