Category: Communication

  • The age of information is without… “information”.

    We supposedly live in the age of information. We have the Internet, the newspapers, Twitter, Facebook etc. We should be informed about everything at levels never before possible. And yet… We are in the darkness of ignorance like never before. Overinformation has become worse than no information at all. We are left in the mercy […]

  • Communicating… Cells… Humans…

    Bioengineers at the University of California, San Diego have discovered that mouse embryos are contemplating their cellular fates in the earliest stages after fertilization when the embryo has only two to four cells, a discovery that could upend the scientific consensus about when embryonic cells begin differentiating into cell types. Their research, which used single-cell […]

  • Knowing, forgetting, communication, questions, Persival.

    In order to function properly, the human brain requires the ability not only to store but also to forget: Through memory loss, unnecessary information is deleted and the nervous system retains its plasticity. A disruption of this process can lead to serious mental disorders. Scientists have now discovered a molecular mechanism that actively regulates the […]

  • Old problems, new problems, the need for love…

    A newly deciphered letter home dating back around 1,800 years reveals the pleas of a young Egyptian soldier named Aurelius Polion who was serving, probably as a volunteer, in a Roman legion in Europe. In the letter, written mainly in Greek, Polion tells his family that he is desperate to hear from them and that […]

  • Blogging together… Dying together…

    We are the first generation of bloggers. We have seen the Internet born. We have watched it grow. We have started writing in it. Surfing in it. And some day, we will be gone. Some day we will simply not be anymore. Our sites, our blogs, our texts, the comments we made to other blogs, the […]