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In order to function properly, the human brain requires the ability not only to store but also to forget: Through memory loss, unnecessary information is deleted and the nervous system retains its plasticity. A disruption of this process can lead to serious mental disorders. Scientists have now discovered a molecular mechanism that actively regulates the process of forgetting. (1)

Old theories. New theories. All the same... (?!)

Persival (Perceval, Levi Strauss) ignores even his own name and wants to be a knight. [From Chretien de Troyes to Richard Wagner] Questions which must be answered [Arthur court, Οιδίπους], questions never even asked [Graal court]. We all wander around in silence seeking our Graal. Three drops of blood on the snow. Is there a cause and an effect? [Wagner] Lapsit exillis.

Kronus… Hot ice… Cold fire…

Knowing and not-knowing.

Durch Mitleid wissend.