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  • Forgetting things. Thinking. Finite beings. Deciding. Living.

    According to the two researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada, memory isn’t intended to help transmit the most accurate information, but rather the most useful information that can help us make smart decisions in the future. Information generated from the process of forgetting as well as the process of creating memories. Researchers found […]

  • Luck… Chance… Gods…

    Its mostly luck, which determined the success of a person in life, according to a new research. [1] It is mostly luck which determined reproductive success. [2] Its mostly luck which determines the survivability of a species. [3] In a world of chance, we insist on believing that it is us who determine our future. […]

  • Walking without help. Fate. Genes. Modern neuroscience.

    Many new parents still think that babies should develop at their own pace and that they should not be challenged to do things that they are not yet ready for. Infants should learn to roll around under their own power, without any “helpful” nudges, and they should not support their weight before they can stand […]