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  • Dreamless dreams…

    Dreamless dreams…

    In a nighttime experiment called the Dream Catcher, people’s dreams slipped right through the net. Looking at only the brain wave activity of sleeping people, scientists weren’t able to reliably spot a dreaming brain. (1) Weird cosmos… No signs of dreams. And yet, we are dreaming. No signs of consciousness. And yet, I am me. […]

  • Do lizards dream like us?

    Do lizards dream like us? Researchers have confirmed that lizards exhibit two sleep states, just like humans, other mammals, and birds. They corroborated the conclusions of a 2016 study on the bearded dragon and conducted the same sleep investigation on another lizard, the Argentine tegu. Their findings nevertheless point out differences between species, which raises […]

  • Inadequate sleep. Inadequate perspectives.

    Inadequate sleep is a public health problem affecting more than one in three adults worldwide. A new study suggests that insufficient sleep could also have grave economic consequences. (1) We feel bad for not sleeping. Because if we don’t, then we can’t stay awake for long. Once again blinded we are. By our mania to […]

  • Leibniz. Perception. Death. Existence.

    A paper bringing into light Leibniz’s general ideas concerning aesthetics, and then, due to the epistemological-psychological significance of sense perception in Leibniz’s philosophy, inquiring into it in detail and attempting to clarify the place of sense knowledge in human knowledge according to Leibniz. A paper venturing to divide Leibniz’s approach to sense qualities into objective […]

  • Memories. Waves. Brain. Immortal souls…

    Have you ever tried to recall something just before going to sleep and then wake up with the memory fresh in your mind? While we absorb so much information during the day consciously or unconsciously, it is during shut eye that a lot of facts are dispatched to be filed away or fall into oblivion. […]