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  • Big Data & Archeology…

    In a recently released edition of the Journal of Field Archaeology, Brown Assistant Professor of Anthropology Parker VanValkenburgh and several colleagues detailed new research they conducted in the former Inca Empire in South America using drones, satellite imagery and proprietary online databases. Their results demonstrate that big data can provide archaeologists with a sweeping, big-picture […]

  • Big data… Plants… Planets… Universe…

    Big data… Plants… Planets… Universe…

    A group of Florida Museum of Natural History scientists has issued a “call to action” to use big data to tackle longstanding questions about plant diversity and evolution and forecast how plant life will fare on an increasingly human-dominated planet. In a commentary published today in Nature Plants, the scientists urged their colleagues to take […]

  • Replicability of results. A problem we choose to ignore.

    Can companies rely on the results of one or two scientific studies to design a new industrial process or launch a new product? In at least one area of materials chemistry, the answer may be yes – but only 80 percent of the time. The replicability of results from scientific studies has become a major […]

  • Big data analysis. Infinity. One.

    Hoping to tame the torrent of data churning out of biology labs, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) today announced $32 million in awards in 2014 to help researchers develop ways to analyze and use large biological data sets. The awards come out of NIH’s Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative, announced last year after […]

  • Universe as a computer. Humans as… ?

    A future form of computing could see information stored on clusters of microscopic particles suspended in liquid. Clusters of spheres can arrange themselves around a central sphere in a limited number of ways, similar to how a Rubik’s cube can only be twisted in certain ways around the central point. Sharon Glotzer at the University […]