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  • Solid fluids. Beginning of the Universe. Unity of the cosmos.

    A solid material that conducts electricity perfectly at certain temperatures may also qualify as an almost perfectly flowing liquid. If the result is confirmed, the superconducting material would become the first nearly perfect fluid that isn’t among the hottest or coldest substances in the universe. The result also suggests a new way of deciphering a […]

  • Stable universe. Unstable thoughts…

    According to legend, when Damocles declared that his king, Dionysius, must have a posh and easy life, Dionysius offered to trade places with Damocles. There was only one catch. Dionysius decreed that a sword be suspended over the throne by a single horse hair, so that Damocles would always know the peril of being king. […]

  • Big Bang, universe, logical, illogical.

    The big bang poses a big question: if it was indeed the cataclysm that blasted our universe into existence 13.7 billion years ago, what sparked it? Three Perimeter Institute researchers have a new idea about what might have come before the big bang. The problem, as the authors see it, is that the big bang […]

  • Universe as a computer. Humans as… ?

    A future form of computing could see information stored on clusters of microscopic particles suspended in liquid. Clusters of spheres can arrange themselves around a central sphere in a limited number of ways, similar to how a Rubik’s cube can only be twisted in certain ways around the central point. Sharon Glotzer at the University […]

  • Old theories. New theories. All the same… (?!)

    When physicists translated a 13th-century Latin text into modern equations, they discovered that the English theologian who wrote it had unwittingly predicted the idea of the multiverse in 1225. While the work probably won’t advance current models, it does show that some of the philosophical conundrums posed by cosmology are surprisingly pervasive. In particular, Tom […]