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  • What is Being? A child’s answer…

    Once I asked a child what Being is… (Once I asked my self what Being is…) And the child answered… “It is just a word dad” (And I laughed…) And my dad was impressed… And the whole world of philosophy kept on going… Trying to figure out what Being is.

  • Brain. Seeing. Not speaking.

    Brain. Seeing. Not speaking.

    Brain region discovered that only processes spoken, not written words. Patients in a new study were able to comprehend words that were written but not said aloud. They could write the names of things they saw but not verbalize them. For instance, if a patient in the study saw the word ‘hippopotamus’ written on a […]

  • Listening to words…

    Listening to words…

    For humans to achieve accurate speech recognition and communicate with one another, the auditory system must recognize distinct categories of sounds – such as words – from a continuous incoming stream of sounds. This task becomes complicated when considering the variability in sounds produced by individuals with different accents, pitches, or intonations. In a new […]

  • Μπορείς να με καταλάβεις;

    Μπορείς να με καταλάβεις;

    As two people speak, their brains begin to work simultaneously, synchronizing and establishing a unique bond. This is what in neuroscience is called brain synchronization. New research by the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL) in San Sebastián and published in Cortex magazine confirms that this phenomenon depends on the language we use […]

  • Language. Thought. Time. Dasein.

    Language. Thought. Time. Dasein.

    The relationship between language and thought is controversial. One hypothesis is that language fosters habits of processing information that are retained even in non-linguistic domains. Languages, for instance, vary in their branching direction. In typical right-branching (RB) languages, like Italian, the head of the sentence usually comes first, followed by a sequence of modifiers that […]