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  • PhDs, sharing, jail…

    Diego Gómez Hoyos is studying for a master’s degree in conservation and wildlife management. But his thirst for knowledge is also threatening his freedom. The 26-year-old Colombian biologist faces up to 8 years in prison for posting a copy of another scientist’s thesis online. Colombia, like many other countries, grants strong protections to authors. In […]

  • Law. Surveillance. Dehumanization.

    Nine years ago, federal agents stuck a location tracker on a nightclub owner’s car without a warrant. The agents thought their suspect might be dealing drugs, and four weeks of GPS data ultimately proved them right. He countered that the prolonged tracking had violated his privacy, and therefore his constitutional rights. The case fell apart […]

  • BE AWARE: Pedophilia in modern era… The way to acceptance ?!?

    From the child abuse inquiry of the British government (1) (something Thatcher knew) to the child sexual abuse scandal of the Catholic Church (2), the issue is already on our hands: How can we protect the children from assaults like this? Well, recently a conference held by the University of Cambridge gave the “solution”: Do nothing! Because… […]

  • Internet, Brazil, freedom via oppression…

    Brazil’s internet now has its own bill of rights. On 23 April, the country’s president, Dima Rousseff, signed the Marco Civil da Internet, a bill that sets out new guidelines for freedom of expression, net neutrality and data privacy for the country’s 100 million internet users. (1) Can freedom be determined by a… law? Can […]

  • Grant legal rights you… god!

    Αn animal rights group known as the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) filed a lawsuit in a New York Supreme Court in an attempt to get a judge to declare that chimpanzees are legal persons and should be freed from captivity. (1) We give legal rights to animals. But… who gave us the right to give […]