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  • Leopold II. Like “Hitler”. Who? [OR: Seek losing. To win.]

    Take a look at this picture. Do you know who it is? His name is King Leopold II of Belgium. He “owned” the Congo during his reign as the constitutional monarch of Belgium. After several failed colonial attempts in Asia and Africa, he settled on the Congo. He “bought” it and enslaved its people, turning […]

  • The Marshmallow Test.

    Columbia University psychologist Walter Mischel made his scientific mark by tempting children with marshmallows. For nearly 50 years, Mischel has studied whether kids would eat, say, one marshmallow right away or wait 20 minutes to receive two marshmallows. Kids who waited for double the goodies grew up to do better in school, get better jobs, […]

  • Stupid research. The only good research…

    The next CEO of Australia’s leading research agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), is in hot water after suggesting the cash-strapped organization spend scarce research dollars investigating water divining, or dowsing. “I’ve seen people do this with close to 80% accuracy, and I’ve no idea how they do it,” Larry Marshall told […]