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  • Against ecology per se: Why the solution to a problem can never be the solution to that problem!

    Against ecology per se: Why the solution to a problem can never be the solution to that problem!

    Chemicals in biodegradable food containers can leach into compost. (1) Trying to find the best solution. To a problem we generate on our own. And every time we find a “solution”… Another problem appears. Biodegradable plastic? More pollution due to plastic… dissolving into the environment. Electrical cars? More pollution due to the… electricity production to […]

  • Forest shapes… Platonic triangles… Forests dying…

    Tropical forests have been called the lungs of the planet. And these hot ecosystems are being deeply altered by logging and other land use change. Using high-resolution satellite data from protected forests in the savanna region of the Brazilian Cerrado, scientists found that the shape of these natural forests follow a predictable mathematical relationship between […]

  • Humans affecting the forest. Forest affecting humans.

    Human biomass utilization reduces global carbon stocks in vegetation by 50%, implying that massive emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere have occurred over the past centuries and millennia. The contribution of forest management and livestock grazing on natural grasslands to global carbon losses is of similar magnitude as that of deforestation. Currently, these effects are […]

  • Pollution… Prejudice… Can of beer…

    Places where someone might think there is no pollution at all, seem to be polluted as some of the worst (known) polluted areas in the world. “Extraordinary” levels of pollution have been found 10 km deep in the Mariana Trench. (1) The world is One. And no matter how much we like to think otherwise… […]

  • Climate change. Accepting…

    Washington State University archaeologists are at the helm of new research using sophisticated computer technology to learn how past societies responded to climate change. (1) The study is trying to understand how people in the past changed the species of crops or the types of animals they bred when climate changed in the past. However, […]