Tag: hypocrisy

  • Hitler – Person of the Year (or Do you trust media?)

    Hitler was declared “Person of the Year” from the “prestigious” international TIME magazine in 1938 (see figure above). And guess what happened in 1939: The new “Person of the Year” was… Joseph Stalin!  Of course there is no need to tell you that the pictures of these front covers cannot be easily found today… Mass […]

  • Will I die? Who are YOU? Highlander?

      So many people are “worried” about other people dying. So many times you show your sadness for the death of others. But who are you anyway?! Highlander? Because you may have forgotten it, but you will die too! Everyone will die! Stop using ANYTHING (including the death of others sometimes) as an excuse to […]

  • Science: The hypocrisy of the “no responsibility” doctrine(s)

    Scientists have often been related to bad things. Atomic bombs, lethal chemical weapons, ruthless experiments on humans at concentration camps, human experiments for new drugs at prisoners and homeless people, gennetic racism et cetera. However all these cases are refuted by science-lovers as being an argument against science per se. They claim that “science” is […]

  • Allies trading with Hitler – Economic games during World War II

    The purpose of this article is to show how allies or neutral countries did business with the Third Reich, even while they were at war with the regime of Hitler. That brief description will hopefully stimulate thought and will make the reader search more on his/her own for the subject. In order to accommodate that search, a good section of bibliography has been compiled.