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  • Computers speaking like humans? Irrelevant.

    Google’s DeepMind AI is learning how to talk. And learning how to do it like a person, not a computer. DeepMind has many learning projects going on right now, but the newest one to catch our ears seems to be an increasingly realistic voice and speech pattern system that eliminates more and more of the […]

  • Self driving cars. Selfless humanity. [Against Perfection]

    Self-driving cars are taking to the streets in California this summer, but the Golden State isn’t the only one opening its roads to autonomous cars. Virginia just announced that 70 miles of highway in the Commonwealth would be open to self-driving cars, like the cars in Google’s fleet. Any autonomous vehicle wanting to travel those […]

  • Fate, Intelligence, Bombs.

    On a bright fall day last year off the coast of Southern California, an Air Force B-1 bomber launched an experimental missile that may herald the future of warfare. Initially, pilots aboard the plane directed the missile, but halfway to its destination, it severed communication with its operators. Alone, without human oversight, the missile decided […]

  • Satellites, photos, Earth, humans.

    The WorldView-3 satellite, which launched on August 13, has sent back its first images. The new satellite can see to a resolution of 31 centimeters. That means each pixel of the camera captures one square foot of land, which is sharp enough to see home plate at Yankee Stadium, to map crops by pattern and […]

  • Read books. Drop iPhones…

    Book. One of the most advanced inventions known to man. It bends and yet it returns to it’s original form. It can be used without battery! It can be processed and store information directly into the mind! It can be used with no hands! One can take notes on passages he finds interesting! (with another […]