About Spiros Kakos

Spyridon Kakos [Σπύρος Κάκος] is the Chief Editor of Harmonia Philosophica. He holds a diploma in chemical engineering, an MBA in Decision Sciences, an MSc in Advanced materials’ science and technology, a PhD in the development of Printed Circuit Boards and is still learning. He has worked as a researcher and a technical advisor for many years in the past.

He is the creator of ‘Huo Chess’, one of the smallest micro-chess programs available. He has also created a series of programming tutorials on how to develop a chess program for absolute beginners, which you can find at How to Develop a Chess Program for Dummies.

Spiros likes reading and writing philosophy and believes that science and religion are two sides of the same coin. As a thinker he is profoundly interested in Religion and Science philosophy, proposing the “Religional Science” term to speak about how these two sides of human civilization can come together as One for humans to understand the cosmos. One of the goals of Harmonia Philosophica is to unmask all underlying assumptions of our thinking today and cast them away; that is the purpose of philosophy after all. Spiros is devoted in exposing underlying assumptions of today’s science so that they do not turn into dogmas (see Limits of Science, Russel Wallace and Evolution Theory, Earth at the Center of the Universe?, Human Consciousness and the End of Materialism). He is opposed to anyone who thinks that he knows the “ultimate truth” and is worried that today’s materialistic society will forget that art, love, human trust and ethics are not scientifically “measurable” things.

Tao. Living good.

The Harmonia Philosophica philosophy program is an attempt to reunite all philosophy for the One without dogmatism of any kind. And this can only happen if we forget logic and start being irrational. Only by not-thinking can we truly start thinking again…