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Spyridon Kakos [Σπύρος Κάκος] is the Chief Editor of Harmonia Philosophica. He holds a diploma in chemical engineering, an MBA in Decision Sciences, an MSc in Advanced materials’ science and technology, a PhD in the development of Printed Circuit Boards and is still learning. He has worked as a researcher and a technical advisor for many years in the past.

He is the creator of ‘Huo Chess’, one of the smallest micro-chess programs available. He has also created a series of programming tutorials on how to develop a chess program for absolute beginners, which you can find at How to Develop a Chess Program for Dummies.

Spiros likes reading and writing philosophy and believes that science and religion are two sides of the same coin. As a thinker he is profoundly interested in Religion and Science philosophy, proposing the “Religional Science” term to speak about how these two sides of human civilization can come together as One for humans to understand the cosmos. One of the goals of Harmonia Philosophica is to unmask all underlying assumptions of our thinking today and cast them away; that is the purpose of philosophy after all. Spiros is devoted in exposing underlying assumptions of today’s science so that they do not turn into dogmas (see Limits of Science, Russel Wallace and Evolution Theory, Earth at the Center of the Universe?, Human Consciousness and the End of Materialism). He is opposed to anyone who thinks that he knows the “ultimate truth” and is worried that today’s materialistic society will forget that art, love, human trust and ethics are not scientifically “measurable” things.

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The Harmonia Philosophica philosophy program is an attempt to reunite all philosophy for the One without dogmatism of any kind. And this can only happen if we forget logic and start being irrational. Only by not-thinking can we truly start thinking again…

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  1. Randy Kleinert

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    1. Panagiotis Peteinatos

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    2. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — Great! Thanks and looking forward to cooperating in the project and Knols.

    3. Randy Kleinert

      Untitled — Panagiotis Peteinatos will be taking over the page. He is currently at the University of Athens. He will be contacting you about working with him on the foundation page and other pages that may be created. With a worldwide author foundation many great things will happen.

    4. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — My contact info is:Spiros Kakosskakos@hotmail.comAthens, Greece

    5. Randy Kleinert

      Untitled — I am happy you show an interest in this project.We are trying to sign up authors to become members of the Foundation.The info I would need is your name,your email address, your location and a category you would like to be listed under. The only thing I would need yet, would be your email address. The rest of the info is on your page. We use it for news and updates of the foundation,unless you don’t want updates,then we won’t send them. The email address is for administrative purposes only. We will not reveal it to any third party. I will add you as an author for now on the Greek page.

    6. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — Yes, I am still interested. I would like to be involved in the process of making Knol more popular. And even in case the other Greek author accepts your offer, I would still like to help in other ways. Keep in touch.

    7. Randy Kleinert

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    8. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — Yes, I would be interested in that.

  2. Peter Baskerville

    Abusive and disrespectful comment — Spiros see links below.http://knol.google.com/k/-/-/si57lahl1w25/117#comment-si57lahl1w25.19xftlhttp://knol.google.com/k/knol/knol/Help#comment-knol.c2mrzqhttp://knol.google.com/k/-/-/si57lahl1w25/189#comment-si57lahl1w25.we21fhhttp://knol.google.com/k/-/-/si57lahl1w25/199#comment-si57lahl1w25.u14auvI have reported this comment written about you as abusive. The commentor won’t show his face in his bio and he has posted the exact same disrespectful comment on 4 different Knol Help Knols. I think he just wants a ‘flaming’ fight, thinking that the contriversy will help promote his books. I advise not to engage with him, just report the comments to Knol Help.I don’t share all your views on religion, but I totally respect your right to have, express and defend them. This guy is a non-contributor to the debate, just a self-promoter. He has been here on Knol for just a few weeks and posted nothing but ads for himself and his book.

    1. Peter Baskerville

      Untitled — Spiros, it is so obvious to everyone that he is wanting to create controversy just to promote his book. The best thing we can all do is just let his tactic ‘flap in the breeze’. He is a comment flamer. If his book is a reflection of his attitude and language, who would want to buy it. You can get that abusive language for free in any pub in Australia, so why would I pay for it. All the people that matter here on Knol respect your contribution and I commend you on your discipline in not responding to this cowardly attack. It would be good if Google did something about it, but don’t count on it. Peter

    2. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — He seems to have written an anti-kakos knol with my name in the title. Hope google will react properly to safeguard its own purpose.

    3. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — Thanks for your help!!!

  3. Narayana Rao

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  5. Jim Björklund

    hello Spiros…. — …this text ive been worked up’n’down since 2005 and can clear understand its impossible to entar with again i only ask you to put thia absolute final version in instead…how do i know its final…í dont really but im pretty sure the part with H2O got solved, here it is anyhow:ABOUT THE INTERNET – A POEMIts everytime o´clock online and free of bondage to nation.*No one knows how and with what sequence and speed the web transend itself.Or how many minds holding the doorhandles or being breastfed by thesame mother or hunted by no one but scared of love.*Its a strange thing this phenomena.Its not own by you.Not by me.No nation, no group, no any single interest can or may claim it as theirs.*No it is not theirs, or ours or in any general way ownedmore than a lakes or a rivers or a oceans H2O moleculesis own.The same water you run in your bath,were a week ago in Ganges after melting,from the artic icecap earlier that morning.*The same with the web.and with its quality of eternal and loss.*Its everytime o´clock online and free of bondage to nation.—————©2005-2009jimbjörklund-idiotjim-jimjimblund©2005-2009 jimjimblund – idiotjim – jim björklund – minister for imagination-Utubia(YouTube)

    1. Jim Björklund

      Untitled — thanx

    2. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — Great, thanks! I will do. When I post it, I will invite you to see it and make sure everything is ok. If you need any changes, just let me know.

  6. Spiros Kakos

    Re-prints or references of my articles 2 — 1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/profile/?userid=1656830&skip=502. http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090913080738AAg4pBv3. http://askville.amazon.com/higher-purpose-lives/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=559074914. http://www.phorum.gr/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1528985. http://www.ww2f.com/information-requests/32950-companies-supported-axis-countries.html6. http://www.alam.in/tag/consciousness/7. http://processorsign.com/Intel_Processor/8. http://www.phorum.gr/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=1613799. http://www.antifono.gr/portal/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1391:2009-09-14-09-35-26&catid=185:2009-06-18-15-00-14&Itemid=35910. http://www.filosofia.gr11. http://www.codeslimited.com/Medical-Dictation/12. http://exchange.ydr.com/index.php?showtopic=7094&pid=70093&mode=threaded&show=&st=&13. http://www.wikianswers.com14. http://www.makermb.com/?a-How_can_you_be_a_Christian_and_believe_in_evolution_at_the_same_time15. http://ideografhmata.gr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=8666&p=83637&hilit=kakos#p8363716. http://band-i-amir.blogspot.com/2009/07/which-one-is-more-convincing-creation.html17. http://membershipaction.com/Psychiatry/18. http://www.asiafinest.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=131261&st=4019. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090625172305AAWkO5n20. http://www.free-press-release.com/news-senior-batch-they-must-try-to-kill-me-h1n1-senior-batch-1255698611.html21. http://rogerpielkejr.blogspot.com/2009/10/natures-pre-copenhagen-book-club.html22. http://murah.us/search/Google+Free+for+all+Philosophy23. http://www.fineentry.com/I_Can_T_Find_a_Job/24. atlezeiner.blogspot.com25. http://exagorefsis.blogspot.com/2009_09_17_archive.html26. http://vityokr.livejournal.com/419973.html?thread=132954127. http://rogerpielkejr.blogspot.com/2009/10/natures-pre-copenhagen-book-club.html28. http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=26453.msg281343;topicseen29. http://www.mursil.com/tag/philosophy/ This list does not include:- References to Huo Chess.- Articles related to chess programming.- Pages that just include lists of knols or lists of interesting articles. I only include articles that have my knols as reference or forums were my knols were specifically used as reference in a specific subject by a specific person.

  7. Spiros Kakos

    Re-prints or references of my articles — My articles have been re-posted to or referenced from the following sites(the list is illustrative and cannot be complete of course):http://mrv2.antisearch.net/cgi-bin/findall?C=223&ALLCMS=off&ALLWEB=off&CAT=WEB&KEYWORDS=psychiatrist&SEED=1975611455&SORT_ORDER%40user2=NOM_SITE|ASC-afs:relevance|DESC-NOM_SITE|ASC-afs:relevance|DESC&SOURCE=advanced&SORT_ORDER%40user3=PUBDATE|DESC-afs:relevance|DESC&NB_REPLY=10&N=3http://www.arguewitheveryone.com/history/63227-if-hitler-wanted-oil-why-didnt-we-sell-him-oil-5.htmlhttp://www.bernardgoldberg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=30437&start=60http://www.uspoliticsonline.com/breaking-news-politics/54430-international-bailout-brings-us-closer-economic-collapse-2.htmlhttp://atlezeiner.blogspot.com/http://www.burronazul.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=13474&start=0http://sapfiros.blogspot.com/2010/01/blog-post_299.htmlhttp://exagorefsis.blogspot.com/2009_09_17_archive.htmlhttp://www.antifono.gr/portal/index.php/Κατηγορίες/Επιστήμη-Θρησκεία/Άρθρα/1391-2009-09-14-09-35-26http://www.mursil.com/2009/09/connecting-connections-with-connections/http://oh9ja.com/download-The%20Nature%20Of%20Reality-mp3.htmlhttp://vityokr.livejournal.com/419973.html?thread=1329541http://rogerpielkejr.blogspot.com/2009/10/natures-pre-copenhagen-book-club.htmlhttp://www.mursil.com/tag/philosophy/http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=26453.msg281343;topicseen

  8. Spiros Kakos

    Anti-Kakos knols! A world first! — It seems that my views have drawn too much attention. That is why having someone writting an anti-Kakos knol does not come as a surprise! Hope much more will come! I always welcome opposition! To all: keep knoling!!

    1. Anonymous

      Untitled — Okay. See Harmonia Philosophica Page under comment: What is Philosophy?I posted a comment in your English Harmonia Philosophica page.Spiros, I have answered many of your questions and you have yet to answer even one. Perhaps the best place for you to start is at the beginning. Remember that I am not interested in your personal beliefs, only facts and logic that is substantiated.By the way, your knol makes many incorrect statements and assertions – this is not putting anything “in the correct perspective” as you claimed. On the contrary it is meaningless chaos. One must strive toward perfection by using proper definitions and writing in a manner that is simple and effective.It is very hard – I know because even I am not a good writer. Nevertheless, I try. I look forward to your response.

    2. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — I am not “bashing” anything. I am just putting everything in the right perspective. I you or anyone else thinks that your way of thinking is the “right” one then you have made a first good leap into arrogance. Your way of making “statements” instead of discussing and analyzing your thoughts is quite interesting. You just say “you do not understand infinity” and then give no argument to back this up. You laugh at my Knol by “arguing” (if an argument could ever be something like that) that “it would look good if I had been drinking”. You don’t agree with Strauss, but you don’t explain what you want to say. You claim “Logic is what we are” and leave it there for me to guess what you want to say.As someone who knows his mathematics, you should first of all know that logic is based on rules defined for the first time by Aristotle.Looking forward to hearing at your arguments.PS. Why don’t you post these comments at the Harmonia Philosophica page? This way they will not be lost in the comments here. Thanks in advance.

    3. Anonymous

      Untitled — PART 1:Harmonia Philosophica: It might make sense after I have had half a bottle of 5-star Metaxa. 🙂 “I think God as the First Cause of the cosmos. What do you think?” Well, my immediate response is that a creator has always existed. Although we as humans cannot understand the concept of something having always existed, it is not difficult to prove that something must have always existed from a very simple irrefutable fact of the universe: Nothing that exists can spring forth from absolute nothingness. So yes, one could think of the First cause or Original creator in this sense. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as one can go regarding this subject. Unlike you, I think of Georg Cantor as the father of mathematical fools. I would be ashamed to confirm anything by Georg Cantor. If you have read any of my knols you will understand this. I do not care to discuss Cantor. For you to quote Cantor’s idea of “Absolute Infinity” without even understanding infinity is presumptuous. However, I would like to address certain inconsistencies in your knol Harmonia Philophica. On Logic: I do not agree that logic is based on any axiomatic truths. I think you should first establish definitions for all the concepts which you have not done in your knol. To make a statement such as “…logic is based on faith (the belief) of certain axiomatic truths..” is incorrect. Logic is a noun that entails a process or processes of correct reasoning. Processes require exact and precise definitions that are used in the reasoning. One cannot simply “believe because…”. “And these a-priori truths are nothing more than the inner wishes of logic.” – Logic cannot be personified so I take it you meant: “And these axiomatic truths are nothing more than the ‘belief’ of one who exercises logic” ? Logic does not require any a-priori truths. It does not require any truths or falsehoods. It only requires statements and reasoning. Reasoning that leads to a conclusion contradicting any of the original statements implies that conclusion is unsound. “Logic dictates that in order to “prove” something you must complete your syllogism. But can a syllogism be completed? No. The infinite number of causes that leads to the First Cause is what makes certain that a logical syllogism can never be completed.” Not all logic is based on syllogism. In fact syllogism itself is not always reliable. (See my Knol called What does well-defined mean?) It is also erroneous to conclude that a syllogism cannot be completed because there are an infinite number of causes. If this were true, then everything you have written in your knol is a fairy tale and can’t be taken seriously.Perhaps your most credible statement in your knol is: “Science is one of the tools we have to reach the truth, and not a perfecto tool that is. Nor is logic.” While it is true that neither science nor logic are perfect tools, these are (whether one likes it or not) the only tools we have. These are the same tools one uses to support one’s arguments that can be substantiated. The instance you introduce extra tools such as “what you believe”, you are in fact rejecting these tools of science and logic.You can’t have both because they are mutually exclusive. Science and logic are based on reason, not on what one believes or feels. In fact, if you throw out logic, you have no philosophy because philosophy is based on logic. To make a statement like: “I believe because it is illogical” discredits one’s intelligence. Spiros, you cannot in one breath make two statements that are directly opposite or contradictory. This is not how philosophy works. If your arguments are correct, then one may as well give up on philosophy because it is the reason science and logic exists.

    4. Anonymous

      Untitled — PART 2:One could easily say, “Let’s believe whatever we want because it’s illogical and so must be true.” Of course there is a fine line between certain truths and falsehoods, but whenever one finds a contradiction, it is imperative to discard all conclusions reached using such faulty logic and start all over again.”A genius is the most illogical creature – every single great breakthrough in science was based on great illogical leaps of faith.”Is this your own saying? I don’t mean to be offensive, but this statement is complete rot. In fact, such a statement does not deserve any response.”The continuous quest for answers is what has value.”Really Spiros? If I believe what you say regarding logic, then there are no answers – ever. Now if I can never arrive at the knowledge of truth (which requires answers), what value is there in a continuous quest? I may as well get my bottle of 5-star Metaxa out and drink it before reading your knol because this is the only way most of what you wrote in this knol would make any sense to me.”If you believe something “because it is logical” then you are nothing more than a slave to the current axioms of your time.”Well, one should never accept anything through belief, only through sound examination. Having said this, one should always leave an avenue of escape open in case one’s “sound examination” turned out to be “not so sound”.”Why not be illogical as Einstein and Newton?”Um, no. Einstein was illogical. But Newton? Never. To discuss Einstein in the same sentence as the great Newton is a shame. Einstein was not worthy of powdering Newton’s wig.I do not think for one moment that Newton found any of his ideas illogical even though he may have stated this in some context. This would be equivalent to the kind of reasoning which suggests that being stupid is at times rewarding, so let’s always be stupid!”And as Levi Strauss found out, the ‘σημαίνον’ can easily switch places with the ‘σημαινόμενον’.”I do not completely agree with Strauss. Well, let’s just say that I don’t agree with your understanding of what Strauss meant.Logic is not our creation, logic is what we are! Logic defines us. Take away our logic and you might as well think of us as a bunch of baboons. Spiros, if you are going to bash logic, you are discrediting yourself, your existence is null and void. You are in effect negating anything you say. You may as well take out your favourite drink because anything you say is garbage if you discredit logic. ‘Logic’ my friend, is all one has.In this regard, Kyriakos Kyprou is correct even though his knols don’t really have anything useful to say besides trying to promote his book.

    5. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — Thanks Gabriel. Have you readmy Harmonia Philosophica knol? I try to mix there some ideas. I think God as the First Cause of the cosmos. What do you think?

    6. Anonymous

      Untitled — Hi Spiros, Well, the headless guy (Kyriakos Kyprou) is obviously quite mad with you. Not that it matters. Aside from his ‘knols’ which are hard to read for more than one reason (white on black background – what’s with that?!), he’s main concern is that you made certain unsubstantiated claims of which he constantly refers to. The most notable one: “I think that Jesus was a god”. I don’t know where you made this claim and of course you are entitled to your opinion. However, his point is that such a claim is baseless. He does have a point.It’s one thing to have one’s own beliefs, but quite another to publish these as part of a knol which claims that religion and science are reconcilable. In my opinion they are not. Religion is a set of one’s beliefs. I agree that it is possible to prove a creator exists, but to call him/she/it ‘God’ and worship that which you don’t know is also a little beyond me.Being the open-minded, intelligent guy that you are, perhaps you can elaborate further on what is a ‘god’? And if you wish, tell us why you think Jesus was a ‘god’?Like you I would like to believe there is a purpose for our existence, but unlike you I realize we are mere mortals (dust if you like?).

  9. Artur Landerzon Barrera Garcia

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    1. Anonymous

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    2. Spiros Kakos

      Untitled — Thanks Artur. I will read and review your Knol.

  10. Murry Shohat

    You have special rights — Spiros –Regarding your stolen Knols, you have special rights under U.S. Federal Law. Go to the offending Knols, click on Flag Inappropriate content and look at the bottom of the panel that comes up. You’ll see this link:http://www.google.com/dmca_knol.htmlAs the copyright holder, you may file in accord with those instructions. I understand that as much trouble as it is to file this way, it’s also very effective. Use your power!

    1. Anonymous

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  11. Anonymous

    Relativity — “When D.C. Miller published his experimental criticism of the theory of relativity [13] Einstein said that “I did not take them [the experimental results of Miller] seriously not for a moment”. [11] When he was asked where he drew his conviction from, he said “from the intuition and the general sense of the situation” (die Vernunft der Sache). [12] [14]”But this still doesnt mean relativity is right.

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