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Author: Spiros Kakos

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Religion-Science Philosophy articles series

Lev Shestov talked against the "orthologism" of our day. Maybe it is time to start listening to him...

It is believed that science is a “clean” and “objective” way of exploring the world. But that is not true. Our modern society is full of dogmas and science is the main responsible for that. The catalogue is endless: Materialism, scientism, atheism, believing that everything is random, believing that everything is there because… no reason (!), believing that everything has a cause (which science looks for) but that cosmos does not (because if it would then it would look something like… God), believing that Logic is the ultimate tool (but denying its use when Aristotle himself reaches conclusions we do not like – see First Mover argument), believing that human consciousness is produced by the brain even though many evidence point towards another solution, et cetera et cetera…

Physics constants not so constant. Unless you assume so...

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