Religion vs. Science – The “blind” cannot see…

Author: Spiros Kakos

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When people discuss the relation between religion and science, they have the tendency of using the wrong arguments and of refering to the wrong things. People tend to try to prove something which they shouldn’t, or try to disprove something which is irrelevant to the subject. The main problems arise from using the wrong definitions on “religion” and “science”.

SCIENCE contains not only the exact science but other fields of science as well. When people refer to that term, should never forget that. On the other hand RELIGION refers mainly to the feeling one has concerning him being a human, a good person, an ethical person. The feeling one has that we are not only dirt and dust, that we are something more than meets the eye. The feeling that we are “we”, that we are luminous beings. And it is important to remember that this feeling CAN and IS based most of the times on Logic as well!

LOGIC is not the “priviledge” of science. Logic was used by the FOUNDER of Logic (Aristotle) to prove that there is a First Mover. It was used by Godel (greatest logician after Aristotle) to prove God. Logic is used for all those arguments in favor of the existence of a God. One may not be persuaded by these arguments, but that does not nullify them. I may not accept one’s logic, but ir remains a “Logic” nevertheless…

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And beyond all these, we must remember what is the SCOPE of science and the scope of religion. Science measures, verifies in a laboratory, reproduces with experiments, tests with theories and models. However, not all things are measurable! Not all things can be reproduced in a lab! Not all things can be explained by experiments! And it is crucial to remember that these things are the most important ones! These are what makes us humans!

The scope of “science” is to think freely withing their scope. But we must always remember that Logic is based on AXIOMS. And axioms are a dangerous idea… They can be liberating and cause for the creation of great theories. But they can easily ensalve you within their boundaries if you forget they exist…

Science is SUPPOSED to be objective, but it is not! Todays atheistic, materialistic era has polluted our minds with many dogmas. And science has not escaped that. Materialism is a very good example of a dogma (and a dogma is by definition NOT proved beyond any doubt) which has fed scientific thinking for many years. But if scientists BELIEVE that everything comes from matter, how can they find immaterial things like consciousness? How can scientists find the true nature of humans if they BELIEVE that humans are just dirt and “inorganic matter organized in a complex way” ? How can scientists see something which they have already pre-DECIDED it does not exist? In many fields science has CHOSEN to become blind.

No matter how much you analyze the chemistry of colours and the electromagnetic properties of light, you will never appreciate a good painting…

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