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Religion-Science Philosophy articles series


The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP) is asking for articles on specific subjects (see here). However do not be too enthusiastic: you can only submit an article if you are a philosophy professor or (and this is an exception) a graduate student of philosophy. Modern civilization is based on the notion of “peer review”. You can never write something novel or fresh, since you must first provide bibliography. You can never write something different than the mainstream philosophy of our time, since you must be be accepted by other “peers”. And you certainly cannot write anything “too innovative” – the fact that you must first be educated in philosophy (i.e. brain washed with the main ideas that are philosophically interesting and/or accepted) makes that certain.

Dogmatism of Science - Growing false hopes...

Parmenides did not have any sources.

Parmenides was not an accredited philosophy professor.

In other words: Parmenides could not submit an article to IEP! 🙂

Try to think freely! Do not try to think like the others near you! Only then will you be yourself. Only then will you fullfil your existence to the fullest extent.