Galileo, Axioms and why Science CAN be more dogmatic than Religion!

What people most of the times forget, is that science is always based on axioms. These axioms are “truths” we SELECT to be true and can change at will whenever we like! However after using an axiom for too much time, we tend to forget that we even used it in the first place and start having FAITH in the trueness of our scientific theories despite its not-so-solid foundations. It took science 2,000 years to see that the 5th axiom of Euclid can change! Is that not dogmatic? Are not 2,000 enough for such a characterization? If not, then why do some people say church is dogmatic? After all, it took her only 400 years to publicly forgive Galileo (whose case is not so simple and black-and-white as many think – see Religion and Science Unification for more details)…

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