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Things we forget can sometimes be dangerous. And even though as time passes we learn new things, it is evenly true that as time passes we also FORGET things we one knew… And if these things are dogmas that are formulating our thinking for thousands of years, then things can be really critical. One of these is the axiom that “A logical proposition can be EITHER true or false”! We have based all of our mathematical logic on that axiom and we have so much forgotten that IT IS an axiom that we have rendered it into a dangerous dogma. Dialetheism is the other way and it can be as valid too! Take for example the phrase “This logical proposition if false”. What is it after all? True or False?!? Or maybe… BOTH?!? No matter what the “truth” is, we must never forget that we forget!

Science: The hypocrisy of the "no responsibility" doctrine(s)

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