Knowing is NOT “understanding” !

Shestov said that knowing is not the same at all with “understanding”. When you try to understand something you innevitably destroy it so as to make it fit into your way of thinking, into the little category boxes you have in your mind. Whenever you try to “understand”, you end up with completely waste the initial “thing” you were trying to analyze (unless you are the ultimate God with unlimited access to the unlimited possibilities of reality)… Stop doing that! Just know the world around you. Do not try to understand it!

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  1. Kiv

    Where would all of the modern gains in society be without the inquiring minds of scientist who strive to understand? A philosophy like this is very short sighted.

    1. skakos

      You missed the point. I am not against research or progress. I am against the illusion that understanding is anything close to reaching the “truth” (if such thing even exists).

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