The world is as it is. ANY phenomenon can be explained by a NUMBER of theories! Who can tell which one is “right”? Right and wrong do not belong in the field of science, which creates models for the interpretation of reality!

It is really weird that we keep on using the word “explain” for science. “Science explains that”, “science explains the other” et cetera et cetra… Science does not “explain” anything if you ask my humble opinion.  We observe a phenomenon and then we build a model which behaves as close to the observed phenomenon as possible. The KEY here is this: we create the model after we have observed the phenomenon. We do not explain the phenomenon! We just replicate it!

Why should only science take advantage of that reality which everyone sees (i.e. scientists and non-scientists as well) ? Science provides scientific models. We see a light turning on. Science interprets that via electrism (a completely HUMAN-MADE idea). Other attribute that to God. Others to strings. Others to atoms. Others to waves. So? The fact pre-exists all explanations and you cannot take “reality” into your favor based on your preferred theory!

Citizens' science… Nothing to do with science…

Weird? Yes.

Wrong? No.

PS. Inventions? Yes, technology is important and usefull. But has nothing to do with scientific models or the role of science in understanding the cosmos! See the atomic theory change in the future years: no matter how much models change (radically), the CD players will continue to play music! Think about it for a minute. You know it to be true…