The Unbelieving Thomas v2.0

Most people think that religion and faith has nothing to do with evidence. But this is not true.

Faith is NOT “believing something with no reason at all”, as if people are just plain stupid. Faith is NOT about waking up one morning and saying “Infinity exists” (hmmm, yes mathematicians do that)

Faith is is a belief in the trustworthiness of an idea that has not been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. Evidence may well exist. And surely the same applies to many scientific beliefs (but this is another story – see Religion and Science unification for that).

People believed in the resurrection of Christ because they SAW it.

The unbelieving Thomas was convinced because of the EVIDENCE presented to him by the very founder of Christianism. Evidence (i.e. physical evidence) are an integral part of Christianism, no matter how unfamiliar people are with that.

Consider this though:

  • What if the resurrection took place TODAY?
  • What if a modern-day Thomas questioned the truth of resurrection?
  • Would the modern Thomas be convinced if he saw Christ in front of him?
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I would say no…

Modern undelieving Thomas is something like a v2.0 of the old Thomas.
No matter what convicted atheist people see today, no matter what evidence is presented in front of them, they will not believe.

In any case they will just say “Well I don’t know, but it MUST be some kind of a trick, which SOMEDAY science will explain”…

Science is believing that we will never know ANYTHING for certain. Even the things we “know”, will change in the near future and a different explanation (a different “truth”) will emerge as the valid one.

Believing too much in non-believing anything can be a weird thing sometimes…

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