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The largests Sun strorm of the last decades passed without any problem. Were we lucky? Or did scientists just overestimated the danger? No matter what the truth is, it is obvious that science is beginning to take a dangerous path…

False announcements for “indications” on the discovery of Higgs boson, too-early “announcements” of miracle drugs being able to cure everything (where you have to go to the small letters in order to see that we will actually know if the medicine is usefull in 178,892 years), continuous talking about cosmic dangers that will eradicate life on Earth if we do not pay more for new and better scientific equipment, marketing tricks to promote the image of science in a world where funding is more important than essence, et cetera…

Rationalists, atheists and agnostics: A new breed of Dogmatists!

Does that sound familiar? Yes, you are right! “Science” looks more and more like a (bad) religion every passing day: the grave “dangers” from which it vows to protect us are the latest trick in the hat of the abvocates of scientism.

Thank God I had that warning from NASA! I saved the laudry at the last minute from deadly cosmic particles…

Unification de la religion et de la Science - vers une science religieuse