Dawkins, life’s purpose, steaks

In “God’s Delusion”, Dawkins refers to the purpose of life by citing a meeting he had with Watson. During the interview he took from Watson, Dawkins asked him what he thinks about science finding out the “how” and religion finding out the “why” in life. Whatson, according to Dawkins, responded that “I do not believe that things exist for a reason. We are just products of evolution. Maybe someone would ask me ‘Wow, your life must be so dull if you do not believe there is a purpose’… But I look forward to a good meal”. Then Dawkins adds “And we indeed had one good meal after that”…

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So good news for philosophers around the world!

Dawkins has found the true purpose and meaning of life!

A good steak with some fries is all there is. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 8)

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