A world of Violence, a world of Chaos, Order!

Sun from the NASA SDO

Sun, our star. An ancient god that illuminates our world.

A place of constant change, where extreme temperatures and magnetic fields give birth to balls of plasma the size of Earth. A place where nuclear explosions are business as usual, where the violence of physical phenomena is the norm. But even this world of chaos is a world where order can be found. Sun spots have predictable cycles. And larger cycles could be the reason behind great disasters our planet faces every tens of thousands of years (could the Sun be a pulsar with a long periodic cycle?). Order comes out of chaos and vice versa…

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Every man seeks wisdom and we have wrongly connected wisdom with harmony and peace of mind. But the world is a place where being in “harmony” as we imagine it seems absolutely meaningless… The world is what it is. Stop trying to put things into perspective. Close your eyes.

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