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Most people are afraid of death. And this happens because they love life. But not one of them knows what is the nature of that thing he loves. And surely not one of them knows what is the nature of the thing he is afraid of… People give thousands of Euros to psychologists when the true answer lies in front of them. All they have to do is look for the Harmony in Philosophy… (see tag Death in Harmonia Philosophica blogspot portal or tag Death in this portal) The answer is that there is no answer because the questions are wrong. Give in to living here your Da-Sein… Let go of worries and grief related to wrongly-defined problems. If you are grieving for the death of a loved one, then you must have found the answer to all those hard problems that trouble philosophers for thousands of years. And don’t misunederstand me, but you don’t seem such a smart guy… (this applies to Spiros Kakos of the future too… trust me my friend, it is your self speaking…)

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