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You are with some friends and the discussion goes over to religion. A friend of yours is a hardcore atheist and starts making fun of those who believe in a God, in a life with a purpose. However the discussion travels all too fast for you to stop everyone from talking and analyze your thoughts the way you want. Listing all those great arguments you know in favour of religion is not an option – not enough time for a lecture.


Everyone stops and stares at you. “What did you just say?” they ask. “Oh, I just said something for no reason”, you reply, “like the ‘we exist for no reason’ thing, you know… I uttered random letters together hoping that they would formulate a great argument against your saying”.

“But how can that be?” they laugh…

New atheism. Dead before it was born… [Atheism against progress]

“Do not underestimate the power of Randomness” you reply seriously.

We are random “sets of flesh and bones” created through random mutations in a Universe which exist by pure luck because a dozen basic physical parameters have randomly the right value for life to be. And above all, statistics govern the way all particles move, thus even the way I speak and act right now – if we are to accept all the modern atheistic dogmata that is.

Give it a go your self!

You are nothing but a random worm in a sea of random nothingness!

Have a blast! Enjoy your self!

PS. Is that a funny or serious post?