Autism, electrodes, love and Science off track…

A simple brain trace can identify autism in children as young as two years old, scientists believe. A US team at Boston Children’s Hospital say EEG traces, which record electrical brain activity using scalp electrodes, could offer a diagnostic test for this complex condition [source 1=”<a” href=”; 2=”target="_blank">BBC” 3=”News</a>” language=”:”][/source].

If only the early detection was the problem for all human kind problems. Materialism and the mechanistic view of humans has made us lose sight of the truly important things. Children with autism need more care, more love, more human contact. They do not need sterilized electrodes reading their brain…

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And needless to say that it is almost certain that when detection gives scientists the opportunity to detect autism before birth, then new murders of embryos will begin in the name of “evolution” and “civilization”…

Science has lost its track once more…

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  1. Roxy Barbaza

    There isnt much we can do about autism these days. There are still no permament cure to autism but medical science still improves. :“*,

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