Bad Chinese eating dogs! Good Westerners, eating… everything else!

“Bad”, “uncivilized” Chinese… Eating dogs…

An article [Source: web news] showing how appalled we should all be for the Chinese who pack together many dogs for slaughter. Why? Well. They just eat them! How horrific can that be?!? All those poor animals stacked together in the journey to their death…



A spinning sawblade about to slit the throat of one cow in an American industrial slaughterhouse. The cow swinging from the mechanical rack was in the same position 30 seconds before. No humans involved (we don’t want to see the blood, we are not “primitive”). Pure high-class industry…
Cattle just before slaughter in a high-class killing spa of the West… See the happiness in the animal’s eyes…

Who are WE to judge the Chinese for eating dogs and for packing them together to  slaughter them for dietary purposes? We also pack together all sort of animals, feed them anything non-healthy in order to grow them quickly (time is money), kill them in a industrialized inhumane way and then go on and… order a second dish! (let’s not forget: we eat too much in the West. It is the job of the Chinese to work for us so that we can have all those goodies we want)

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