Why do good people suffer?

This is one of the greatest problems that troubles philosophers around the world: Why do good people suffer?

I think the problem can be solved if we understand that it is not really a problem. Who are we to know that suffering is “bad”? Who are we to know that being “happy” in this short material life is our purpose on this planet?

The real problem is not why some pious, humble, believing people suffer, but why some do not. The safest road to hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.

C. S. Lewis

Are you so certain that you do not need any signposts? How “good” and philosophically beneficial is to never be sick or unhappy, in a life the meaning of which is to allow you a glipse at the eternity of nothingness one day? How “good” and philosophically “proper” is it to never have to think of death in a life which leads directly to it? How can you live without death?

Perhaps suffering is a reminder to turn to personal insight (ενόραση), as Hannah Arendt postulates, in contradiction to the pleasures we all seek in this life. Because these pleasures (e.g. a full plate of spaghetti) make us live through other things and take us away from the One which we all feel when alone. And we surely need more of that than spaghetti…

Pain makes everything more clear. Pain makes us see the things which are really valuable in life. (and guess what: life itself is not among them) Pain drives us to see into our self. And no one likes that…

Denn das Schöne ist nichts als des Schrecklichen Anfang, den wir noch grade ertragen, und wir bewunderen es so, weil es gelassen verschmäht, uns zu zerstören. Ein jeder Engel ist schrecklich.

For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, which we still are just able to endure, and we are so awed because it serenely disdains to annihilate us. Every angel is terrifying. [1] ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies

Beauty is the beginning of terror. Love is the beginning of loss. Great emotions are tangled up in our own dissolution or the loss of those we cherish. Life is a vale of sorrow. But sometimes our most sublime experiences happen just at the edge of tears. [2]

Kierkegaard said that pain makes us drive our thought away from this world. And if pain gives true meaning to hapiness in the eternal, then he who is suffering will feel real joy for his pain. (Afsluttende uvidenskabelig Efterskrift til de philosophiske Smuler)


Pain is an inherent integral part of the cosmos. It is connected to being itself. And so God says: There are places in the man’s heart which do not yet exist. And then pain comes into the heart. So that these places can be.

Think about it: Love is leading to Pain.
Sooner or later you will be separated from the person you love.
And not too many people want to go there.
But the only way to reach Resurrection is Crucifixion…

Nikolaj Velimirovic

“[…] in the (concentration) camp it was like this. You sit in a corner and you repeat inside yourself ‘My Lord, I am but dist and ashes. O Lord, please take my soul’. And the Lord uplifts your spirits again. I would give my remaining life for ten more minutes in Dachau”
~ Nikolaj Velimirovic [3]

The sin of Man when he ate from the Tree of Knowledge is that he gained a false knowledge of the existence of Evil even though such thing does not exist. With “knowledge” we forgot that all we see is an illusion. Pain wants to remind us of this Truth. And the more we resist, the more we suffer…

The misfortune of existence makes us wonder.

But wonder we should not.

Ἀρκεῖ σοι ἡ χάρις μου· ἡ γὰρ δύναμίς μου ἐν ἀσθενείᾳ τελειοῦται…

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  3. Gerald Albert

    I wrote a letter (The Game of Earth) I’ll sent it to you

    1. skakos

      Please do. Thanks!

      1. Gerald Albert

        The Game of Earth
        By Gerald Albert

        The Game of Earth
        I’m writing this article and putting down my thoughts as a complete amateur writer. I believe this is good for the reader to know. Some thoughts I think are wonderful and sad to say many are not. I know this article at times is convoluted and repetitive. That said I know most of my readers are also amateurs and I hope by writing this article that I encourage them to write down their thoughts and share them with us. All individuals have something to share and I hope I encourage them to do just that. I can’t wait.
        This article titled the Game of earth is part fiction and part non-fiction much like earth itself. These truths that I write about in this article may not be original to me but some of them seem to be. The Game of Earth that I’m writing about here are thoughts that have come to me in my thinking. I have written them down as they have come to me. I repeat, as you read this essay, I’m sure you’ll realize that I’m not a professional writer and come to think about it, maybe that’s better. You can see as you read this that I’m an ordinary guy just like most of you. A pro writer would have constructed it differently.
        What I write about in this article has come to me like this. Some thoughts come from my reading and using thoughts of others. Some thoughts come from my memory. However, most thoughts come from my meditations with God. These thoughts I believe are Gods truths given to me as I meditate. With this, I believe that I make GODs actions here on earth easier to understand and take into our being. Here in this article I try to look and understand GOD logically. This is important. Logic. I wrote this article trying to reason god’s actions on earth logically.
        I’ll put it now, The Game of Earth, in a nutshell and explain it in detail as I go on.
        We are the perfect creations of God called souls and most important we are God’s masterpiece. We possess free will to choose any portion of God that we desire, as God is all there is to choose from. At some point we choose to experience Earth with all of earths known Characteristics, both desirable and undesirable. We choose our mother and father. We are born to our mother with various defective characteristics. Our memory of our life in paradise is blocked (not lost) but blocked as we develop new memories on earth. We live for a short time, then when our Human animal bodies can’t support us any longer, we separate. The body then recycles in earth and we, the soul, recycles in paradise
        To reveal or tell someone the whole truth all at once seems futile in most cases. Most people living on earth with only the memory that they have accumulated from birth can’t fathom the truth, so it’s better I believe, to begin teaching people a little at a time and let them grow into the whole truth.
        We’ll start here.
        Let’s be clear, before I go on, I’m not writing this paper to teach you how to heal disease, although it may. I’m writing this paper to show you a way to live that could bring more understanding of why God created Earth. Games, games and games. Most people know how to play games but few know how to play the game of earth.
        To play the Game of Earth properly you must understand what living on earth is all about. The Game of earth, if we learn it, understand it and live it, we will find that our lives become better, happier and stronger. Stronger, take a moment, what a word. Stronger more powerful. Let’s think on this. The stronger we are the more powerful we are. Here’s a truth given to me by God. Love is the fuel of God’s power.
        Love alone is the fuel of power. People are constantly creating, that’s their nature like GOD but the secret of creation is love. The more we love our creating the more wonderful our creations are. Man’s nature is to create. This is one idea that helps living the game of earth better for all. I find that when thinking on the mundane it’s hard to think spiritually. Younger people I believe would rather improve their mundane life then their spiritual life. I think that’s normal and I’m sure it’s OK. However, I’m not one of them and I prefer thinking spiritually. I do not want to be younger. First off, I don’t believe it can happen, and second, I just want to go on with this life that I’m living now — then at some point Heaven.
        Again, I stress, let’s do what mother Teresa told us to do. She said and I quote; Earth is a game, learn how to play it. Wow, more wisdom there then you would first think. Earth is a game.
        If we learn to understand the Game of Earth and play it properly what happiness would come to us. So, let’s begin, read this paper and maybe, I hope, you will learn God’s truth about earth.
        So many people have questions about life on earth. Atheist, agnostics, Christians, they all want to know, if there is a God why would God let hurtful things happen to good people, things like world wars, natural disasters, even perpetrators who prey on innocent people. Why would God let so many people suffer so much? Well there are answers to all of this, I’ll explain.
        Christians might say why would God do this. Atheists may say because there is no God. And so many agnostics go about their business not thinking much on the subject, they just go through life not really caring.
        Realize this: understanding Earths characteristics is important. Hurt, pain, defective human animal bodies brains that encourage humans to do undesirable things to other humans are just some of the hurtful and undesirable characteristics we knew we would find on Earth. Earth is a lesson to learn.
        I’ll explain in a simple way how souls, go from paradise to Earth and back to paradise.
        Souls in paradise like all souls everywhere have free will. We have all heard of free will but few people on Earth understand it. A soul may decide to experience Earth and when it does you must understand the soul knows earth has various characteristics, some desirable and many, undesirable. Knowing this a soul then agrees to be born to a certain mother and father accepting the genes and DNA of both, which will in turn create a different human animal body. This human body created for this soul will have the soul’s memory blocked, this is important, the memory is blocked but not lost but blocked while on Earth. This body now will have various defects like most human bodies on Earth. This new human being will now develop new memories influenced by their environment excepted then by the physical brain. The body will live until it can no longer support the soul, where upon the body will recycle into Earth and the soul will cycle into paradise. This is a simple way to look at life on Earth, I’ll go into more detail as you read on in the article.
        So, let’s begin, read this article and maybe, I hope, you will learn God’s truth about earth.
        Well there are answers to all questions in life. The best way I have found to get these answers is by turning to God and simply asking God to reveal his truth to me, it’s really as simple as that. I must say, I don’t have answers to all questions — yet. I do though have answers to many. The Game of earth will answer questions like, why war, why pain, why heart ache, why criminals who hurt people, exist. More important It will reveal how to create your own desires. I’ll soon give you the answers to these questions and many more.
        Many people, no maybe most people, look at life making no effort to distinguish between truth and illusion. Remember earth is part fiction and part non-fiction. Most live life and except the mundane until it hurts too much, then they search for a different way to be happy. Some turn to drugs, cocaine etc. Drugs can make you very happy as they destroy you. Lasting happiness is found only in God’s truth. What is God’s truth? I’m not saying that people doing their own thing disregarding the truth
        Of life are wrong, because they’re not. All people are on a journey, an individual journey to grow closer to God’s truth. But they are wrong on how they take illusion into their womb.
        I remember what Mother Teresa Said: Life is a game so learn how to play it.
        It’s important to know there are many, many, mysteries in life. There are enlightened people everywhere and they don’t waste their time telling people what they know when most don’t want to hear it. So, open your mind, don’t be one of those people. God’s truth is. The illusion in life is not.
        Some people think negatively often. They use the Dark side of life mainly to experience life, on occasion me included. However, I’ve grown farther from the dark side their actions.with Gods help. Many people whom are offered this story are not going to be interested. Some people on the extreme side of darkness want that experience. Some knowing, some not knowing that they will have to experience the results of their thinking or the karma of
        Sometimes I feel that writing this paper seems to me to be a useless undertaking, I hope I’m wrong. I’ve shared some of my ideas with others and everyone to a man tells me this. I can’t believe the way you believe.
        So here it is. Let’s start.
        Thoughts on Earth
        To play the Game of Earth to our best advantage we must understand Earth. It’s that simple.
        In our universe there are thousands maybe millions of planets, that with our free will, we can choose to experience, all having various characteristics, some desirable and some undesirable. To better understand Earths purpose, I believe that we should put earth in perspective to Gods life.
        Earth and its relationship to god’s life is another aspect to understanding what earth is all about.
        Think of this. I go up to the top of a tall building and look over the edge to the street below. I see you driving your car and I realize how insignificant you and all the other drivers are. Then, let’s take it further. I fly in a plane over this same big city where you are driving in your car. I can’t even see you or your car now. The city itself seems so small and insignificant. Taking it further, astronauts send back pictures of earth and the same big city, guess what, it’s so so tiny. We can go on and on to where out at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, there earth can hardly be seen. At the end of the Universe the Milky Way Galaxy is so tiny you can hardy make it out. Now, let’s take it even further.
        Take our universe as we see it and realize its significance. That helps to put Earth in the proper perspective. Now let’s put the Universe in perspective in God’s life. Let’s imagine the Universe is the size of a gain of sand on a beach on Earth and Gods life is the size of earth itself. It would seem if we think that way, how insignificant the Universe is in relation to God. It will make you think of our insignificant life amongst billions and billions of other lives here on Earth for such a small insignificant time here on Earth. Think about this for a moment. Think on how insignificant the Universe is, how insignificant Earth is, how insignificant we all are. There’s so much more for all souls to live and experience.
        Wow wow Exciting isn’t it.
        In the beginning Earth was made up of water and soil. Many hundreds of millions of years go by and life begins to develop. As one cell life evolves to human animal life and souls join the human animal with its varying defects, the game begins.
        The Human Animal life on Earth grows and learns and now being occupied with Gods perfect souls, life on Earth takes on a different understanding. Conscious intelligence begins to more and more influence Earth and how Earth evolves, Someday Earth, I believe, will grow and grow and evolve into being Paradise here on Earth.
        What I’m writing about now is how the human animal guided by Gods perfect souls can best live and grow while spending a short time on Earth.
        Think of this. As Earth evolves into paradise on earth. It may go like this:
        We look back to the year 18 B. C., that’s way back. What was an individual’s total knowledge of life on Earth at this point in time? Now compare it to life in 2018. No comparison, we have advanced so much in that span of time.
        Let’s go way, way, out to the year 4018 A.D. Wow the way we are discovering knowledge Earth could be paradise by then. We are learning how to correct defects in our DNA to where when souls are born in those future years, they may have no defects and can experience Earth as paradise.
        Maybe, who knows.
        Earth is like a game. When you enter a game, any game, there are many characteristics of the game, some desirable, some undesirable. We enter a game to arrive at some goal. We enter Earth though our mother’s womb realizing beforehand all the many characteristics of earth and working with them to arrive at some goal, just like any game.
        As we live in eternity, moving through Gods life expressing our free will, choosing God this and God that, nothing but God to choose from, we at some point choose earth. Choosing to experience all the many different characteristics of the insignificant earth. Characteristics that are only found on earth and a few other places in Gods life.
        In all of this where are you — think of it — you are and Earth is, very small and very, very insignificant — yet you have all of GOD’s life to experience for eternity. Yes, little you, has all of BIG GOD to experience for eternity.
        Note: In heaven we love all souls, why not on Earth? Jesus encouraged that.

        Thoughts on Characteristics
        Let’s Start here.
        God created Earth with two main characteristics, these two characteristics are God’s truth and illusion of God’s truth. There may be other places or planets in the Universe that have Earths characteristics, but the main understanding of Earth is these two characteristics are the starting point to understanding Earth. Gods truth and Gods illusion on Earth.
        Now I will break down these characteristics to better understand Earth.
        Gods truth is desirable, illusion of Gods truth is both desirable and undesirable. However, remember this, both are God’s perfection. Now Gods truth is right action, illusion of Gods truth is not real. Gods truth is Ying, illusion of Gods truth Yang, opposites — However I believe opposites are the perfect marriage. Gods truth is the light, illusion of Gods truth darkness.
        When we look at earths illusions and this can’t be avoided, we should know that all illusions are not real and if we think thru them long enough, God will reveal the truth in them and then the illusion will be understood. By understanding illusion, life on earth will take on a different meaning and then we will understand earth.
        It’s important to note that there are so many names for GOD in the English
        language, one being LIFE. Thinking of God as life it becomes easier to realize that all mankind on earth is not separate from God but one with. We are immersed in God.
        GOD makes no mistakes period — understand this. If you don’t see the perfection in something at first look, at least know it’s there and if you keep looking, you may eventually see GODs reasoning. If you look long enough you will find God in everything, period. For me I found this to be a very important endeavor. Seeking God.
        There are two main Characteristics given by GOD to this universe, Earth included.
        They are God’s Truth and the illusion of God’s truth as I have said. The following are four different terms that mean the same thing.
        Good and bad
        Light and Dark
        Ying and Yang
        Desirable and Undesirable
        Remember – everything just is and everything is the perfection of GOD.
        We tend to deny this. That’s the great lesson GOD gives us. Look thru the illusion and find the TRUTH, find God. For GOD is all there is.
        When we have our mother and father selected for us to inter earth (we may agree with this or not but in the final decision and with are free will we must agree) we do realize that Truth and Illusion is on Earth to be impressed on us to learn. Think of it this way, as an athlete we go into an NFL football game knowing most of the game’s characteristics, some are joy, some are pain, accomplishment, injury, and several other characteristics and we accept it as part of the game. Yet living on earth we think it can’t be GODs will when pain happens to people. The great gift of GOD to us on earth is – Truth and Illusion – for it helps us to learn and grow closer to GOD.

        Thoughts on You
        This whole game doesn’t get any easier if you don’t realize the importance of you.
        Your actions on Earth do not define you. Earth is a game you play for your own reasons as an individual. Know this, God has judged you one way and one way only. You are his masterpiece, period. I can’t emphasize that enough you are perfection, GODs masterpiece.
        On Earth you are in a Human Animal body with varying undesirable defects.
        The secret is, do not let your animal defects fool you. If your defects can’t be corrected, they will someday leave you, as the soul separates from the body.
        Your purpose in life is to create, that’s it. Earth is a game, remember that. We place to much importance on Earth. Like I said before, Earth is insignificant when it comes to your existence in Paradise.

        Thoughts on LOVE
        Love is the fuel for GOD’s power. Therefore, love is the fuel for your power. It’s easy to love the lovable now learn to love what you dislike. You can do this by understanding what you dislike. God is all there is.
        Understanding the game of earth properly is to understand how love and hate affects our lives here on Earth. I believe most people think on LOVE like this: people will say love is the most important emotion, but I think most people love as it’s convenient. In other words, they love when it’s easy, they love all the good. I think some people miss the point, I believe people should LOVE all, learn also, to love what we dislike. What you dislike is also GOD.
        Love is the most powerful element in life. It will always prevail over hate in the final answer.
        Love is irresistible, hate will always, I mean always give in to Love. Now as we live on Earth, we have free will, as we always have had in eternity, free will to eliminate hate and to love all of life. It’s that simple. Someone said, and this statement is not original to me, when we give to life with love, all that we wish to receive! — We then are in heaven.
        It’s possible to be in heaven on earth. The key is love. Love is heaven, hate is hell. To achieve this, it takes understanding of the power of love. And the more we understand love the closer we are to heaven.
        Love is the fuel for power. The more love the more power.
        Love isn’t just the approval of what someone does.
        Love is the acceptance despite what someone has done.
        Remember, it’s easy to love the lovable but harder to love what we dislike.
        Gerald Albert.
        Thoughts on Memory:
        Think about memory and how important it is. Without memory of your life prior to being born here on Earth to your father and mother, you are bombarded with life’s experiences. Those experiences are what you remember.
        With influences of both good and bad. You then develop a belief system of Gods truth and the illusion of Gods truth. With free will you can do this. All thru your life on earth your memory will play a big role on how you progress in your goal to learn Gods truth and move closer to your true life in paradise.
        We give up memory when born to Earth. Our memory is blocked at birth not lost. While in Paradise we have complete memory of our life and the life’s of some others. By giving up our memory when coming to earth it enables us to learn without the memory, we possessed in paradise interfering with earth’s impulses. If we could remember are lives in paradise, we might not give earth a chance. By giving up our memory when coming to earth it enables us to learn without the memory, we possessed in paradise that would interfere with all of earths impulses.
        Without memory of your life prior to being born to your father and mother, you are bombarded then with life’s experiences and then memory of life on earth begins. You start building your memory as you grow and grow here on earth.
        Remember, we give up memory when born to Earth. Our memory is blocked at birth but not lost. While in Paradise we have complete memory of our life and life’s of some others.
        As you age here on Earth, you are being impressed with truth and illusion, you develop a belief system that’s different from paradise.
        Memory, when we think about it, is important in so many other ways. For example, without memory we only know and see life as it is for the now moment. Example, Ronald Reagan at the end of his life, he only was aware of the moment. He forgot that he was a youthful athlete, then a sports caster, then a movie star, then the governor of California and finally President of the United States. In the end he knew none of this, he only knew the moment. Lost memory is only temporary for no experience is lost forever just temporarily lost.
        Remember this, all of life’s experiences are remembered by GOD for eternity. All memory is available to all souls for eternity

        Thoughts on Logic
        Let’s make living here on earth easier by looking for GOD and his Earthly creations logically. Just look close at all the creation on earth and realize the wisdom that it takes to create it. Our universe has 2 main characteristics GODs truth and the illusion of GODs truth. And of course Earth like the Universe is also truth or illusion.
        For example — God is all there is, right? — if there were something other than GOD. Say GOD and the devil. Then there would be the possibility of some entity being greater than GOD and the Devil. This entity would poses both GOD and the devil, thus being greater. If God is all that there is than we must be part of GOD, right (logic). Truth is, we are totally immersed in GOD.

        Thoughts on Understanding with Logic
        Understanding is a very important mental exercise. When we are understanding correctly, we are learning GOD’s truth.
        Let’s expand our love to attempt to love God fully. We often talk love while we don’t love this or that. The more we understand life correctly the easier it is to love all of life there is. How do we learn to love what we dislike?
        We Learn to love what we dislike by understanding what we dislike correctly.
        The worst day of my life was when I told my wife that I would abide by her wishes to go to A A. As time pasted and I had been sober for a while I realized that the worst day of my life was actually the best day of my life. I finally understood that day correctly
        When we understand correctly, we can then easily love and remember love is the fuel of power.
        Often humans tend to judge life through the eyes of illusion or the dark side, the undesirable part of life. This is a mistake of course. The devil made me do it. Placing the Devil as the cause of things we don’t desire is a mistake, it’s untrue. When we consider the undesirable, we should turn from the devil and replace judgment with understanding. For example, when a lovely baby is born with extreme defects, we love the child but when a person is born with extreme criminal defects, we blame the Devil and we dislike that person. We make it evil, sinful. If we would replace judging the criminal with understanding the criminal, we would find that some souls are born on earth with mental defects that encourage them to do bad, bad things. I believe that we should see the mentally defective criminal this way. Understand that we have a perfect soul being born to a defective brain in a defective human animal body. We then should attempt to incarcerate the person, remove the person from society where they will no longer be able to hurt people. While we have them incarcerated, we should not then punish the person while incarcerated but we should give them love and attempt to heal them. If they refuse healing, then in time their body, while incarcerated, will give out and they will die, and their perfect soul will go to a level in heaven.

        Thoughts on Free will
        To understand free will like all aspects of God is important to living a happier life on earth and of course everywhere.
        Free will is this in a nutshell. We can only choose from God as God is all there is. We choose this portion of God and we choose that portion of God. On earth there are Human animal bodies that are so defective that when occupied by perfect souls these humans commit terrible crimes that hurt other humans so much that they must be dealt with harshly. But understand — this soul that occupies this defective body is the perfection of God. At some point the soul and the body will separate. The body will cycle into earth and the soul will cycle in paradise.
        I remember what Mother Teresa Said: Life is a game so learn how to play it.
        It’s important to know there are many, many, mysteries in life. There are enlightened people everywhere, but they don’t waste their time telling people what they know when most don’t want to hear it. So, open your mind, don’t be one of those people. God’s truth is. The illusion in life is not. Gods truth is a great gift, the illusion of Gods truth is also a great gift. I’ll explain, Illusion can be many things. A movie, a book, a magic trick and so on. All of them good and fun and interesting. However, some illusion seems so real that it impresses our being and we know it to be true but it’s not. For example, gay people are bad and going to hell. No, gay people, like all people are god’s masterpiece.

        Thoughts on Abundance

        This paper is not about getting rich with money, although you may. This thought will deal with abundance. It will help you understand the truth about your abundance. It may be hard to believe this, but GOD is all abundant and so are you. You just have to, understand your connection to GOD, to realize this. God created you out of GOD’s self. This means you have the same characteristics of GOD which means you have the characteristic of abundance.
        You live for eternity with the abundance of God.
        You choose to come to earth, you accepted and you understood all the characteristics of earth both real and unreal. Maybe better thought of as Gods truth and the illusion of Gods truth. One illusion is you are not abundant. The truth is on earth you are as abundant as you say you are. Remember It is done unto you as you believe. So, you then meditate continuously with God until you see that your abundance is of God and God is with you for eternity, all abundant.
        Below is an example, this example so you know, is an illusion but a way to understand the thought of abundance.
        A wealthy woman like Mrs. Bill Gates puts on a bathing suit and goes for a swim in the ocean by her home. She doesn’t think of herself as poor, lacking of Earths physical wealth. She enjoys her time swimming, she knows, that she is still abundant. So, ask yourself, why don’t all of us think of our self as abundant. It is obvious we don’t, but we can, when we understand GOD’s truth. What is God’s, is ours, GOD’s abundance is ours, all of it.
        We must realize that we only spend a short time here on Earth. Souls choose to experience different lives on Earth. Some souls choose to experience lack of earthly wealth, at least at the beginning of their birth. Remember all souls with their free will do this, I know this to be true.
        A soul chooses a mother who may be, for example, a street urchin. This soul knows that the possibility of them living as a street urchin while on Earth is an extreme likely hood. The point being, street urchins all, whether they know it or not, still posses the complete abundance of God for eternity. The truth is, on earth, you are as abundant as you say you are. Remember, it is done unto you as you believe. To accomplish the thinking and the knowing of your abundance you must meditate continuously with God until you see that your abundance is of God and you are with GOD for eternity, abundant.
        Thoughts on the Body:

        The same goes for your physical body. All bodies are different, with varying degrees of defects. Sometimes we can overcome these defects and practice Gods truth while living on earth.
        All souls are born on Earth with defects of character, some more than others, take for instance Billy Graham and Charles Manson two extremes.
        Billy Graham has his thoughts and I have my thoughts. I wonder who’s closer to the truth. In the long run it doesn’t matter for both of us are GOD’s masterpieces. We’re both like you doing our own thing. As it should be.
        Thoughts on Atheism
        Atheist don’t believe in God. I’ve always been tempted to ask them, what god don’t you believe in. Do you not believe in the cosmetic god? Do you not believe in god with a beard on a cloud in heaven. If they where to answer me yes, I don’t believe in that non-sense, I may say to them, I agree with you. I don’t believe in the cosmetic god either or the god with a beard sitting in heaven on a cloud. Of course, I’m being fictitious, but there’s a logical point here. Point being, so many atheists don’t believe in a god, that’s in heaven, separated from the souls on Earth. Isn’t it funny, I believe like they believe. I would tell the atheists, your believe makes sense to me.
        I would like to think I could point out some form of life right in front of them at the moment, like say, a bug on the ground or a bird flying by that they can see. I would ask them if they believe that the life in front of them is alive. If they believe that it’s true, that bugs and birds are alive. I would point out that GOD is life and the animals are all that portion of GOD that they are. Hopefully they could think on that and see that an atheist can believe in life, and in life everywhere. That would be a beginning. GOD life, life GOD its all the same. Maybe the atheist could see that and at some point believe in GOD. I think this will happen to all atheist eventually. As GOD is irresistible.
        I must point out that the atheist can go on and be a non-believe and the atheist will end up like all souls do. They will live for eternity choosing to experience this portion and that portion of GODs life.
        Thoughts on Death
        Death; is death good or is it bad or maybe neither. Maybe it just is. Logic tells us that death is by design, as everyone dies.
        Some people see death as freighting, scary.
        Some people see death as the end of life for eternity.
        Some people see death as leaving friends and loved ones.
        Some people see death as the end of their life on Earth.
        Some people see death as desirable for themselves.
        Some people see death as desirable for others, some others.
        So let’s look at death like this:
        We end life on Earth by separating. Separating our human animal body from our consciousness, separating the human animal body from our soul. The soul lives for eternity. The human animal body also lives forever as it recycles into Earth, as Earth recycles in the Universe, as the universe recycles in Gods domain. Life in all forms recycles.
        At my age I can look at death this way. Death is the gateway to paradise. With that thought I recall the saying; nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.
        Think love not ____ think abundance not ____ think giving not ____ think peace not ____ .
        The way and what you think is your life. You can be in control, you should be in control, you are in control. So take charge of your life it goes on for a long time.
        Ask God in your meditations to teach you how to think, to teach you the truth in life. Do this over and over again and watch how smart you get. God will never let you down, never.

        Thoughts on the Devil
        The devil is fiction
        The devil is an illusion
        The devil is man’s tool
        The devil is interesting
        The devil is no more real than Darth Vader
        The devil is the creation of man to control mankind.


        In a nutshell we live for eternity in God’s life choosing with our free will this portion of God’s life and that portion of Gods life, seeing that God is all there is. At some point we choose to come to live on earth for a short period of time. We agree to be born to our mother and father. We accept that we will be exposed to many different characteristics both desirable and undesirable.
        Our memory of our eternal life is blocked at birth, not lost but just blocked while living on earth. Now we build new memories, influenced by what we now experienced on earth. Then we die. We then return to paradise.
        What happens when we die? I imagine that we will explore God’s life with all its wonders for eternity. That’s a logical guess. If that’s true WOW what’s there to worry about? I do know that we live surrounded by God’s life, immersed in God. So logically I believe that it is true — we will explore God’s life with all its wonders for eternity.
        The New Thought movement was among the more notable movements that emerged in the 19th century to help people achieve a better understanding of divine mysteries, through the power of their thoughts.
        The term
        “New Thought” signified that one’s thoughts could unlock secrets to living a better life, free from the constraints of religious doctrines or dogmas. And I repeat — free from the constraints of religious doctrines or dogmas. Everything that I have in my life has been given to me. No exceptions. So, if that’s the case then I have nothing to be proud of for everything was given to me. The secret for me is replacing pride with gratitude. I feel if anyone wants to develop their new thought by changing their thinking, they should read a book entitled,
        This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes.

        The Author
        I Gerald Albert was born East of Dayton Ohio in a town called Wilmar. NOTE, the name has been changed. I was born to my mother Hedwig and my father Lewis. I had one sibling, my archangel sister, sometimes called Mrs. Q. I’m now in my 80’s. Graduate of Villanova. Past 101st paratrooper.
        All my life I’ve had ups and downs with my defects of character showing. Luckily, I’ve had some good characteristics also. Most important, like all of you, I’ve had thoughts from God that have been my blessing.
        Important to note, I’m not an author, writer, minister, or popular person. Not any of those things. I’m like you, a person with individual ideas.

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