Biochemistry against Evolution (or “Do not trust scientists”)

You suddenly see this structure in from of you. What makes you seek its “designer”?
Evolution is most of the times believed to “exist” everywhere and to be applied to everything just on the basis of authority. But everyone should question more what he is asked to “believe” and “know”. Everyone should ask the “scientists” to explain what they say and one should never be afraid to ask only because “he is a scientist, he must be right”.

Evolution as a mechanism does exist (see the Evolution and Intelligent Design article for more on that). But evolution cannot explain everything! And this is where common sense should be a major player. Modern biochemistry has shown that the body’s biochemistry is so complex that it is just plainly stupid to think that it “evolved through natural selection”.

From a point onwards, complexity starts shouting “degisn”…

Most of the biochemical mechanisms in humans require dozens or hundreds of components (enzymes, proteins, other molecules) and are so complex as mechanisms (nothing like the A -> B -> C that most biologists like Dawkins refer to when they try to defend evolution in public) that “design” actually shouts itself! From cilium to blood-clotting mechanism, from protein transportation mechanism inside a cell to the ways of the immune system and the mechanism of the creation of AMP, modern biochemistry is all but stunned in the face of “how that mechanism came into existence” questions.

As Michael J. Behe in his book “Darwin’s Black Box” (which remains black mainly due to our fear of asking the right questions to people who fake authority) points out, most of the articles on scientific journals related to biochemistry today (e.g. in Journal of Molecular Evolution) are related to sequence comparisons, sequence analysis and mathematical models. NONE of them has addressed the questions of “how”, as true “evolutionary” journals should do…

AMP creation mechanism. Not just A->B->C…

Biologists like Dawkins may have vivid imagination that helps them imagine of possible mechanisms that lead – through evolution – to the mechanisms which rule the human life. But imagination cannot replace experiments, which SHOULD be the basis for science. Evolutionary biology is nothing “special” to bypass this. And surely imagining things is not explaining the “how” the abovementioned mechanisms came into place. The devil is always hidden in the details. For example Dawkins may refer to the “light sensitive spot” and the “little cup” that slowly led to the eye, but he does not refer to 11-cis-retinal and rhodopsin (which are just two of the factors required for the light-sensitive spot to work) or to the fact that a “cup” cannot be created by molecules unless a complex mechanism of molecular supports helps the molecules obtain a different-than-sphere shape. In the same way many evolution-lover may have got enthusiastic for the experiment of Miller, but no one had ever considered the “little” detail that the materials used by Miller are NOT used by cells… (check here for a more detailed analysis of the faults in the experiment)

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When someone tells you that “evolution has explained how this mechanism came into place”, ask for the details, for the related published papers and for a brief description of that “how”. You will be surprised to see how many “I imagine this came into existence” arguments are there. Pay attention to the details.

Do not trust anyone in philosophical or scientific matters (or any other matter to be honest). Science is NOT the new religion you must follow! Think on your own! Scientists are not “gods” and you are not “stupid”! When someone tells you “I discovered Higgs Boson and found out how particles have mass”, just ask “how does Higgs Boson have mass?” and wait patiently for an answer…

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