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In 1792 the French revolted. They revolted against religion and installed a new “religion” – the Religion of Reason! (“Culte de la Raison” in French, which took place in the context of the French Revolution). The new revolution required of course – as any revolution – its toll on human blood. Many people were killed and churches destroyed. The church if St. Paul in Paris is one example. The photos below show the results of this revolution… Reason can be too unreasonable sometimes…

History of St. Paul church in Paris

People died because they were not… “logical” enough?

Destruction of statues and paintings was part of the “revolution”…

PS. One can find a very good article for the Cult of Reason here – the article is unfortunately in Greek. If one tries Wikipedia for that he will just end up with some lines of text giving no information on such events (one line for the destruction of churches and NO mentioning of any deaths whatsoever!)…

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