Shamanism could be true. Who dares claim it?

American Indian medicine could really heal. Shamanism could really be a collection of methods with which the wizard concentrates on the consciousness of the patient and as a great quantum physics experimenter imposes himself on the observed in such a powerful way that he actually heals. Maybe shamans used to treat people from inside-out (by focusing on our inner energy) rather from outside-in (as if when giving someone a drug to cure him).




The sure thing is that we will never know since the all-mighty and all-knowing white man has destroyed shamanism and shamans for good…

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Oh great white man!

Who dares question your methods now that you have killed all your opponents?!?

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One can find some information on Shamanism and American Indian medicine at the site of William S. Lyon. There one can also find the first three chapters of his book “Spirit Talkers” and read them for free.

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  1. William Lyon

    Not to fret! North American Indian shamanism is still quite alive and still delivering “miracles.”

    1. skakos


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