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The light bulb burned out. Again. You must be really bored to go and change it. But if you knew what lies behind a light bulb burning out, you may be more irritated and angry…

Behind every bulb that burns out lies hidden the Light Bulb Conspiracy.

No it is not a joke or part of paranoid conspiracy theories! It’s a fact. One can see related information or to watch the documentary free on the Web page “The Lightbulb Conspiracy” of Facebook (and many other free websites – see 1, 2). You can also search for it as “Planned Obsolescence”.

In short: companies used to make old light bulbs to last much longer! But at some point all the major manufacturing companies met together and created a cartel (Phoebus cartel) which decided to deliberately decrease the quality of the bulbs so as to break down more easily and therefore sell more! Yes, it’s true. What we call “old things break more easily” is more true than we think.

Similar examples exist throughout all industries!

Yes, nylon stockings used to be so enduring!

For example, one is left dumbfounded when he sees in the documentary old female nylon stockings ads, where the hose was used to tie together two cars (!) and when one car started to pull the other the pantyhose did not tear off and was still keeping them together (!!!) as in the picture above. Tell that to a woman today whose stockings are worn off every now and then…

Science. Money. Democratization.

The modern economy is based on the infamous notion of “growth” which is based on nothing more than continuous consumption. And the only way to achieve this is to construct new needs in the world. Planned Obsolescence is an integral part of this.

The Centennial Light Bulb, burning continuously for more than 100 years!

A lamp that lasts for 100 years (yes, old they made so durable! – See here) has no place in such a world! People who attempted to build more durable lamps just “happened” to die in “accidents” (e.g. Dieter Binninger) or simply their companies went bankrupt because again by “pure coincidence” they could not find a way to promote their more durable lamps in the global market (see the East Germany company Narva).

Search your closet for old bulbs…